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Blogging Tips

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How do you get Google to notice your blog?

These tips are directly from the guys at Feedjit:

The efficacy of keywords in page titles.

The titles of your pages on your blog or website are the most important component when it comes to click-through-rate from search results and they are the second most important with regard to keyword ranking [explanation below].

Here is a quick list of page components and sources that Google and other search engines consider for keyword ranking of your site in descending order of importance:
  1. Keywords in links that point to your page. [You often have no control of these]
  2. Your page title
  3. Keywords separated by dashes in your URL
  4. The page heading at the top of your page in <H1> tags.
  5. Text close to the top of the page
  6. Text in other headings and bold sections on your site
  7. All other text including text in image ALT and TITLE attributes on your page.

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