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Elementary Visual Art


March 2013

Trailside Art Program (TAP)
Thank you Stefani Kimche!
Monday, March 4th - 2pm  Art Training
Tuesday, March 5th - 8:20am  Art Training
(anyone can attend)

Wednesday, March 6th - 4TH GRADE ART
Tuesday, March 12th  - 1ST GRADE ART
Wednesday, March 13th - 5Th GRADE ART

Owen. 9:20-10:20
Mirams 9:25-10:25
Kahn. 12:20-1:20
Daenitz 1:25-2:25  
Tuesday, March 19th - 3RD GRADE ART
Thursday, March 21st - 2nd GRADE ART

The Trailside Art Program (TAP) schedule for February is set!  Classes will be doing a lines and perspective project using the work of Paul Klee as inspiration.  Students will be doing their projects on the respective dates:
Feb. 5th - 3rd grade
Feb. 6th - 4th grade
Feb. 12th - 1st grade
Feb. 13th - 5th grade
Feb. 28th - 2nd grade

If you would like to help, contact your grade co-ordinator.



Actually, Trailside was invited to display children’s art at the School District office!  Many of the children may have noticed that their art was missing as they walked through the hallways this week.  After very difficult deliberation several pieces of art from Masterpieces in Art were selected to display.  Unfortunately there is not enough room to display all the wonderful pieces of art that we would like to share with the community.  However, the following kids and families may want to enjoy their art displayed at the District Office for the month of November.  To enjoy more great artwork, walk through the halls at Trailside!  

The names below were taken from the artwork and a best guess was made for last names.  Please accept an apology if the last name is not correct, or if there is more than one child with the same first name!

Zack Zipnick

Harry Lawson

Kayley Bullock

Chase McClelland

Hailey (Lebold?)

Gabe Hopkins

Lily Malin

Parker Yeargo

Hannah Brown

Jesus Suarez

Hudson Schmidt

Nina Zipnick

Jose Hernandez

Lucas Costello

Aiden Wright, Flynn, or Thatcher (there was no last name!)

Emma (Ross?)

Annika Futch

River (don’t know last name!)

Lindsey Aten

Gabby Rockwood




Trailside PTA,
Feb 5, 2013, 4:27 AM
Trailside PTA,
Nov 18, 2011, 7:58 PM
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Trailside PTA,
Feb 5, 2013, 4:28 AM