Once apon a time, Flash was aimed at animators.  During this golden age, it was used for some very simple point and click games.  

Most of these games used a function called TellTarget withing timeline scripting in order to manipulate movieclips. 

These golden-age games games came to be known as "TellTarget Games".

Here's a playlist of some great point and click games that helped inspire this engine.

The Purpose (Mission)

The TellTargetGame class is designed for novice Flash programmers who want to make modern TellTarget games in an ActionScript 3.0 environment.

All the code is contained in a single class that can just be saved into your project directory with no need to know how to import components or configure class paths. 

Just download it into the same directory as your .fla file and forget about it!


This class is designed to be used with the Flash IDE.  You will need a copy of Flash CS3 or better and have a full understanding of how MovieClips and keyframes and all that fancy animation stuff works.

You DO NOT need to know ActionScript 3.0, but you DO need to know how to add scripting to the timeline.