"Promote the development of talented and capable individuals to achieve technical excellence and recognition in the field of chemical engineering."

The vision of our society is to become the leading incubator for talented chemical engineers by providing quality opportunities for their future. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of both student and faculty, our society has become one of the most respected engineering organizations at Penn State.

Our organization provides volunteering service to the Chemical Engineering Department in areas such as tutoring and outreach programs. These services expand and improve the image of the department and also that of Penn State's Engineering. The willingness to give back to the department by the students of ΩΧΕ has earned them the respect and esteem of the Chemical Engineering faculty and staff.

We are glad to have you interested in our society and we hope that one day you become a member or this prestigious Chemical Engineering Honor Society. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the organization.

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OXE - Better Living Through Chemical Engineering.

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