Play mobile java games on your PSP      


This is a kvm to run j2me applications on PSP.

Mainpage: (Alternative, in case this site is not reachable)
    Copy "PSPKVM" to /PSP/GAME or /PSP/GAME150 folder.
    1) Select "Find Application" item in AMS (the item on the top)
    2) Select "Install from memory stick (ms0:/)"
    3) Browse the file system of your memory stick now, and select jad or jar to run
    4) After selected, the jad/jar will be automatically installed and run. You can choose the installed application from AMS next time you want to run.

    A more comprehensive "Getting Started Guide" is here.
Key mapping:
 By default, the key assignment is blow:
 NUM0:    Cross
 NUM1:    Square
 NUM2:    UP
 NUM3:    Triangle
 NUM4:    LEFT
 NUM5:    Shift+Circle
 NUM7:    Shift+Square
 NUM8:    DOWN
 NUM9:    Shift+Triangle
 *:       Shift+SELECT
 #:       Shift+START
 CLEAR:   Shift+Cross
 SELECT:   Circle
 Left Soft:   SELECT
 Right Soft:   START
 UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT:  Analog joy stick
 (* "Shift" = holding Left Trigger or Right Trigger)
 Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Triangle: Multi-tasking key (Click to return AMS and put MIDlet to background)
 Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Cross:    Exit current running MIDlet

Splinter Cell Double Agent - K700i Screen

Might & Magic II - K800i Screen

Rollercoaster Rush - Full Screen

    MIDP 2.0
    Nokia UI APIs (partial)
    WMA1.1(JSR120) stub
    Networking (By PSP's WIFI)
    Java AMS with MVM supporting
    Several input methods: QWERTY/Abc/Symbol/...
    Directly browse and run from local jad/jar file, and auto-install without interrupting
    Jpeg support
    MIDI & Wave audio playback support
    Device emulation. You can choose device type to emulate for different screen sizes and key codes, either at installation time or from "Select device" menu
    Change default key assignment for specific application.
    JSR75(File Connection)
    Virtual Keyboard Input
    Chinese Input
    JSR179(Location API)
    Freetype2 font rendering

Bugs & suggestions:
2008-09-20 23:38 v0.4.2
  FreeType2 fonts support. (Please see "Running tips: Use FreeType2 font files" of Release Notes)
  Bug fixes:
    1) Mess display bug of NokiaUI for some games, e.g American Army.
    2) Fix PlatformRequest() issue of not launching Installer for Jad/Jar files.
  Add missing character in Chinese Input Method. Now full GB2312 charset is supported.
  Optimize alpha-blending of drawRGB() with VFPU instructions.

2008-06-29 02:50 v0.4.1
   Bug fixes:
     1) HTTPS connection always fail
     2) On Screen Keyboard fail to open
     3) Virtual Keyboard cannot input 4 and 6
   Input symbols and numbers while Chinese Input is open
   Improve performance of FileConnection InputStream.skip()

2008-06-22 10:32 v0.4.0
    Change package name and purpose of release bundles.
      1) pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-150-upgrade: Use this package if your PSP is 1.50 kernel and have installed pspkvm 
      2) pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-OE-upgrade: Use this package if your PSP is 3.xx OE kernel and have installed pspkvm
      3) pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-150-allinone: Use this package if your PSP is 1.50 kernel and havn't installed pspkvm
      4) pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-OE-allinone: Use this package if your PSP is 3.xx OE kernel and havn't installed pspkvm
      *) Source code package is no longer provided in release; Instead, you can grab source code from svn, tags are
          created for each release.
    JSR179 support (OE Version only). Currently support GPS290(Sony's USB GPS receiver) only, serial GPS will be 
supported in future
    Chinese Input Method. Please see "Virtual Keyboard and Chinese Input tips" in "Running tips" section of Release
Note. Special thanks to Culiu for his contribution of Chinese Pinyin engine.
    Use Sony's On screen Keyboard as alternate input method. Default is off, turn it on in pspkvm.ini
    X/O swap in native dialog, configurable by pspkvm.ini
    Get device specific properties from pspkvm.ini. User can set properties (e.g "microedition.platform", or User-Agent value) for specific device
    Use HTTP proxy setting in network profile
    Add SonyEricsson Generic device profile in Device Selection
    Virtual Keyboard improvement:
      1) Change key layout to be "QWERTY"
      2) Add some short-cut keys
      3) "Auto-open" property can be configured by pspkvm.ini
    Resolve some MIDlets not run problems:
      1) Super Action Hero
      2) Gmail 1.5.0
      3) Yahoo! GO
2008-04-27 23:57 v0.3.2
   Virtual Keyboard support
   Use "L+R+Square" to call up network connection dialog at any time (slim version only)
   Add pspkvm.ini confituation file
   JSR75 root directories configurable by pspkvm.ini
   Strech small device screen to fit PSP screen
   Support CW90
   Resolve bug: can not enter jad/jar file selector form, if the original jar file direcory is deleted
   Implement microedition.platform property. Now can run Cangshenlu.
   Don't show mess icon in AMS
   Resolve the bug that can't output voice in jstardict
2008-04-08 0:38 v0.3.1
    Add JSR75(File Connection) support (Please read "JSR75 Tips" in Release Note)
    Minor optimization of draw_rgb
    Enlarge Java Heap to avoid OutOfMemoryError for some games
2008-03-31 22:59 v0.3.0
    Merge the source codes from 2 original project: pspkvm 0.1.0a and pspME 0.2.1 . Please see the Features for details.
2008-02-18 18:11 v0.1.0a
     Limited the heap size used by sound font to fix a crash bug.
2008-02-16 18:33 v0.1.0
     Add audio support, it can play MIDI and WAVE now.
     Add the homebrew icon, thanks to Datadayne and vivid for making it.
     Add the function to select the last selected file when restart, thanks to Kevin Borchert's suggestion.
     The fixedsys font was back, thanks to vivid for making font of the special characters.
     Fix a crash bug caused by a corrupted jar file in the folder, thanks to Kevin Borchert for the reporting.
     Fix the bug that it don't display file name include '.', thanks to Anton Buckov for reporting it.
2008-02-09 20:19 v0.0.9
    Support 3.XX kernel now, tested on my PSP-1000 3.71m33 & 3.90m33 :).
    Add fake functions for WMA2.0/1.1, many games that need WMA API will can be run now.
    Add functions to "String Midlet.getAppProperty(String key)", can run "Cang Shen Lu(苍神录)" now.
    Add functions for command bar.
    Add a function to load the last selected device when restart, thanks to Shawn Winnie for  suggesting it.
    Add a new key "L+Cross -> CLEAR", thanks to Jörg Westphal for suggesting it.
    Disable some unnecessary exceptions.
    Fix a OutOfMemory bug.
    Fix a bug when decode some images with transparent color, thanks to asenchai for reporting this.
    Fix the bug when display some specific letters, thanks to SOUDAN Gael for reporting it.
    Fix the bug that "SELECT" key don't respond sometimes, thanks to Anton Buckov for reporting it.
2008-01-07 00:37 v0.0.8 fix some bugs that may cause some games can not be played. Please check the gameloft games compatible list.
2008-01-04 20:04 v0.0.7 fix the blank screen bug; add a new key "SELECT". download
2008-01-03 01:04 v0.0.6 user can select device by press Triangle now.
2008-01-02 00:20 v0.0.5 fix some bugs.
2007-12-31 23:50 v0.0.4 fix 2 crash bugs.
2007-12-31 00:14 v0.0.3 fix a crash bug and optimized.
2007-12-23 01:48 v0.0.2 fix some bugs.
2007-12-10 00:42 v0.0.1 the first release.
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