Be kind. Be Bold. Be Honest.

Welcome to our 2016-2017 School Year! Here, you'll find all of our projects, our calendar, and our class activities for the year. Check out the links on the left to navigate our site...

One of the most important symbols of our year together (both academically and socially) is the ICEBERG. Scientists estimate that only 9% of an iceberg can be seen above the surface. The rest (a WHOPPING 91%) lies below the surface. This iceberg was created by Lin Lin Yu, a current 8th grader at Bromfield. 

Our biggest goal is to let out hearts deal with the full impact of what we read so that it can challenge, inspire, grow, and teach us about ourselves, the world around us, and literacy. 

We always want to tie what we read and do in our classroom to the world outside our walls.