About Mr. Holt

I have been teaching middle school science for over twenty years. My love of nature and my enthusiasm for learning were what attracted me to teaching, and working with students in the Harvard Public Schools has continuously reinforced that I made the right choice. 

The following quote sums up the way I think about teaching science:

Science is, in essence, organized curiosity.  It is initiated by careful observation and nurtured by wonder, creativity, and skepticism.  While the overall pattern of a scientific inquiry is common to scientific work, each individual explorer lays out his or her own itinerary into the unknown..." (Exploring the Way Life Works - The Science of Biology, 2001)

Thus, I hope to bring out the scientist in each of my students!


I enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors with my wife, my two sons, and our dog.

To contact me please email    wholt@psharvard.org