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2018 FAQ for AP Spanish Language

When is the AP Spanish Language Exam?  What is the format? How do I study for it? Take a look below for these answers and other Frequently Asked Questions.

When is the AP Spanish Language Exam? 

Tuesday, May 8th 8:00AM

What is the format of the exam?

  1. Section I
    • Part A: 30 questions based on authentic print materials 
    • Part B: 35 questions based onauthentic audio materials
      • There will be audio accompanied by print and solo audio sections
      • You will have time to read through the sections and questions of Part B before the audio is played. Each audio text will be played twice. 
    • Your score for multiple choice is based on how many questions you answer correctly. You do not lose any points for getting questions wrong or for leaving questions blank.
  2. Section II: Free-Response
    • Part A: 2 tasks with writing
      • Interpersonal Writing: read and reply to a message. 
      • Presentational Writing: Write a persuasive essay based on three sources: an article, a table/graphic, and audio
    • Part B: 2 tasks with spoken responses 
      • Interpersonal Speaking: 5 exchanges in a conversation, which you will be able to preview outlines for
      • Presentational Speaking: 2 minute presentation on a cultural topic prompt