PSGMC helps job seekers get back to work

Begun by job seekers to help job seekers, the Professional Support Group of Morris County was founded to provide a supportive community, training, resources, and volunteering opportunities that enable professionals to find their marketplace value and network into employment.

Since its launch in June, the Professional Support Group of Morris County (PSGMC) has supported workers in transition by providing - free of charge - weekly meetings with some of the best job coaches and life planners in the state. Each meeting also offers the opportunity to network with friendly, helpful people who know what it is like in today's job market and are learning about the new skills needed to successfully navigate the hiring process and rejoin the workforce.

In the near future, PSGMC will re-introduce its highly regarded class curriculum covering topics as résumé writing, networking (both in person and online), interview techniques and mock interviews. There will be a nominal charge to students to cover the cost of supplies and insurance, but instructors will be volunteers. Upon successfully completing the classes, students will be given the opportunity to join PSGMC as full members and continue PSGMC's tradition of paying it forward by volunteering their time with the organization and continue their access to our resources.

Professionals in transition
If you are interested to know more about PSGMC, simply attend one of our weekly meetings. With rare exceptions, we meet every Wednesday, from 9:30 to 12pm at the location listed below. Please consult our event calendar to confirm when and where the next meeting will be held.

If you have an opening to fill, forward to us the job description and your contact information and we'll notify our membership, professionals from the Morris County area seeking an opportunity to use their talent and expertise. We can also help your business provide exit services for your employees.

Parsippany – Troy Hills Public Library
449 Halsey Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
(973) 887-5150

Contact information
You can contact us by leaving a comment or via email.