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What: Vintage 1940s Stearman Biplane
Who: PSD Students, Families, & Teachers
Where: Fort Collins-Loveland Airport
4900 Earhart Road, Loveland, CO 80538
Fence by JetCenter Entrance
When: Saturday, May 16, 2015, Time: 9:00am
Parking: Overflow into field east of JetCenter
(Information Update: 05/16/2015, 1226 local)
STEARMAN arrived at FoCo at 0848L.
Teachers: Dress WARMLY-coats/gloves
Teacher Riders Order (Departure Time updated in real-time):

Order  Actual Departure Time  Name 
0915L  McDonald - TAV
  Cancelled Yarbrough -TAV

 No Show Loptien - TAV
2 0944L  George - TAV
31007L Beveridge -TAV
41031L Holman - WEL
5 1051L  Kehl - TAV
6 1108L  Jordan - WEL
7 1131L  Leopold -TAV
8 1155L  Reger - BAU 

Weather - Reschedule Lindenschmidt - TAV
91226L to Centennial Musante - TAV

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