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Equipment = see updated PSD PE Vendor List below.  Once formal approval is given on Essential and Wish lists they will also be attached to your grade level tab at the left.  The lists currently attached are the DRAFT lists - feel free to use while starting your inventory/quoting. 
*Price quotes due for school and shared equipment WITH vendor discounts applied on or BEFORE November 16th.

*The mission of Physical Education in Poudre School District is to empower all students to embrace ownership of the skills necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. 
*in progress 

  Key considerations:
  • participates regularly in physical activity for enjoyment, self-expression, to improve self-confidence, and overall benefits to personal wellness.
  • take control of wellness through choices
  • become socially aware, respect self and others
  • self-monitor fitness, address needs
  • foster LOVE of movement - motivation

-PERE Grant Committee 2011-2012

PSD Curricula/Instructional Resource Evaluation Survey Results now available!  See DOCUMENTS link on the left!

REMINDER - please check monthly (see below) updates for specific information throughout the year! 

PERE Grant Calendar 2012-2013

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