Welcome to Preschool at Tavelli

Let's have some fun!!!  Preschool is a place for your child to meet new friends, explore what it means to be in school, and create foundations for the future.  We want your child to learn the joy of learning and master new skills that enable their independence.  It is amazing what happens in a school year and we look forward to that journey.  

We are exited to build relationships with families in the coming year.  We will partner with families to ensure we are on track to meet the needs of your child.  Our goal is to be a resource for families and children alike to ensure every learning opportunity is as rich as possible.   

We support Tavelli's three school rules:
    Do what's best
    Do what's right
    Treat others the way you want to be treated

Our Early Childhood program has three rules, we use them in the classroom:
    Keep yourself safe
    Keep  others safe
    Keep your things safe

We are guided by Poudre School District's Mission:
    Educate...Every Child, Every Day.