Video Conferencing

As we clarify our PSD vision for how learning is supported by technology, we believe learners  having the ability to connect with ideas as well as other  learners, experts, authors, scientists, engineers is powerful.  Across PSD there are many exciting and effective uses of video conferencing. Where possible, we don't want to ban an app that has great instructional potential. 

Let's consider some other options.

Instructional Supports for Managing Devices:

A.) LAN School - teacher controls and has the ability to prevent applications from being accessed. 
Let your EdTech Facilitator know if you and any of your colleagues would like support learning how to use LAN School. 

B.)  We believe teaching our learners how to learn using digital tools is just as important as the lessons on our content areas.

Common Sense Media provides incredible curriculum, lessons, videos to assist educators with mini-lessons.

It's truly about preparing them for success in a changing world and we know these tools are part of how our learners connect. Helping them to use it for good is an important life skill. Again, our Ed Tech Facilitators are here to assist with co-planning, co-teaching and reflecting on the effectiveness of the digital learning with you. Contact us!

C.) PSD has clear digital learning acceptable use policies for learners and staff. 

We need you to be clear with learners that the use of PSD provided devices is a privilege. And that using them is a shared responsibility t0 support safe online learning. Just like we do not bully in-person, we have clear consequences for online bullying. 

Losing the privilege for using the device for a day, week or two-weeks is an option.

Contact families is another option.

Will you please try an idea from these suggestions and let us know if you see improvement? We will continue to collaborate with you to find a solution that supports safe online learning while preparing our learners for their future.

WHAT IS SOCIAL LEARNING? - Great information to learn more about how social learning supports learners in the connected age.