High Tech Fridays

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Here's the Scoop:
  1. We will meet every Friday for the first 30 minutes of EVERY period.  The conference room is our tentative meeting location.  Bring your laptop!
  2. After the 30 minute session, you will spend about one hour creating a finished example (1.5 total hours per session).
  3. You can choose 15, 30, or 45 hours of lane change credit.  15 hours = 10 sessions.  30 hours = 20 sessions. 45 hours = 30 sessions.
  4. All sessions will be available online.  You can make up missed sessions at your convenience.
  5. Everyone is invited (teachers, administrators, staff, etc.).
Tentative List of Topics for the first ten sessions.
  • Paperless classroom
    • Automatically graded tests, quizzes, and pre-assessments.  Students can create too!  Will use Google Forms and Flubaroo script.
    • Adapting assignments for the paperless classroom.  Folders, files, sharing, etc.
    • Accepting assignments via Google forms.
    • Providing feedback. Commenting and voice commenting on student assignments.
    • Using Synergy and Excel to create student email addresses for sharing.
    • Teacher website for delivering materials. Part 1.
    • Teacher website for delivering mateirals. Part 2.
    • Student website as an ePortfolio. Part 1.
    • Student website as an ePortfolio. Part 2.
    • Autocrat as a way to create customized documents for each student.
Future sessions:
  • Flipping your classroom
  • Cool things that you can do with Blackboard that you cannot do with other tools.
  • Smartboard tips and tricks.
  • Web 2.0 Tools for student engagement.
  • Guest presenters (teachers doing cool stuff that you need to see).
  • Much more!

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