EdTech considered your emails, conversations and feedback to design this informative and teacher-centered session. Choose from one of the five options below. 
Guidance on changing recording input for microphone, changing audio output for speakers, smart board troubleshooting, software center, using helpdesk system, adding printers, display options, OPAC checking out EdTech tools, Pro Accounts

Now that we have access to all of these digital tools, how can we manage them to help develop healthy digital learners? This session will show you ways that you can use tools to not only monitor your students but also to help create a positive culture. We will show you tools and tricks in LanSchool, Google apps, Office 365, and SMART amp that will give you insight into your students to help understand the bigger picture.

This session will investigate how teachers and students can use social media to 1) promote your school, club or class, 2) develop your personal learning network and 3) use as an instructional tool. 

How do we empower students with technology and still maintain a healthy balance? When is a tech tool appropriate and when does it get in the way?  How much screen time should kids have?  How do we teach kids to self-monitor and get the most out of their tech time?  Discuss these ideas and design a lesson to create a tech plan for your classroom.

We will provide a number of professional-quality resources for students to find copyright-friendly images, video clips, and music to use in all kinds of digital projects.  Help students move beyond Google images as their go-to for their work.  This session includes a presentation that you can share with your students to give them the tools they need: how to understand creative commons vs. copyright; how to use advanced filters when searching for media; how to locate media using creative commons; and how to cite pictures, videos, and tweets.