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Contact Information:

Phone: 970-488-5481

Email: ndarrow@psdschools.org

Second Semester Plan of the Day

Year Long Plan:

Quarter 1: Spanish American War & European Geography

Quarter 2: WWI & Russian Revolution

Quarter 3: Roaring 20’s & Great Depression

Quarter 4: WWII-Europe and Pacific Theaters

What does class look like?

-Reading and writing, group work, and in-class activities

-Clearly posted homework & assignments

-Opportunity for individual challenge

-Utilizing thinking strategies and problem-solving skills

-Connecting curriculum to current events

-Encouraging students to advocate for themselves

Grading Policy: please refer to your quick check form for more details.

-Work Habits is 1%: coming to class prepared, participation, organization, turning assignments in on time, classwork & homework

-Formative is 29%: quizzes, etc. These may be redone until a 3 is achieved. There is a retake form that you will need to fill out.

-Summative is 70%: unit tests, projects, and other assessments.

Textbook Access:

To access these textbooks you will need to double click on the website link then insert the student access codes. Codes have not changed, but can no longer be posted on Web pages due to copyrights. There is a new Geography book on its way to us!

1. The American Journey: (American History)

Go to: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com

Username: JourneyOSE

Password: journey17

2. Human Legacy: (World History) http://my.hrw.com/

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Second Semester Plan of the Day