CDE PE Secondary Institute June 2014

Below you can click on the arrow to download a copy of the presentation utilized during the institute!  Please feel free to contact me via email: with any questions, comments, or ideas about the presentations or content.

Thriller - Taught using the Puzzle strategynumber your class off by 4's or 4 different colors and assign them ahead of time if you want your "dancers" to have a challenge as the 2nd or 3rd color or numbers 2 or 3.  Direct students to create groups of 4 or 8 with 1 to 2 per number, per group.  Have each group create 1 t0 2 eight counts of Thriller inspired/Zombie movement.  Allow them to get started and then pull each number into the center to teach them their part.  Teach each number (section) of the dance and allow them time to teacher their group members.  When they are done teaching have them take their original eight count(s) and add them as the ending! 
Song used - Thriller Mix LIVE by @DJFROTO Traktor mix 

Instructional video

Thriller - Puzzle style instructional

Performed with music

Thriller - Puzzle style with music

Part 1

Thriller Part 1.mp4

Part 2

Thriller Part 2.mp4

Part 3

Thriller Part 3.mp4

Part 4

Thriller Part 4.mp4

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