Bethke Counseling Home

Christie McPhail

The Bethke Counseling Program

    The counseling program is designed to help your child make the most of     his or her educational experience.  As your child’s counselor, I am concerned about his or her emotional well-being, academic progress,  and personal and social development.

       The following activities are offered in the Bethke counseling program:
  • Group counseling to help students establish friendships, get along with others, and deal with issues such as anxiety, divorce, and grief
  • Solution-focused, short-term individual counseling for academic, behavioral and social issues
  • Mediation of conflicts between students
  • Consultation with parents and teachers
  • Referral assistance for families who are seeking counseling services in the community
  • Coordination of 504 plans
  • Guidance lessons in the classroom  (topics may include character education, bully prevention, friendship skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, career exploration, stress management, study skills, and personal safety)