Makin' Music with Mrs. Pippin!

At Bacon Elementary, our goal in music is to experience all types of music making: singing, playing, dancing, listening, and creating!  With a well-rounded music education, students will be able to perform, identify, describe, discuss, reflect upon, and appreciate many types of music from around the world and throughout history.

The Bacon Music Program follows the
Colorado Academic Standards for Music:
1. Expression of Music - perform, sing, dance, play, listen, and interpret.
2. Theory of Music - Reading and understanding notes, pitches, rhythms, and dynamics.
3. Creation of Music - Compose, create, arrange, improvise, and write.
4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music - Evaluation, cultures, genres, emotions, understanding, and appreciation.

In the music room students are encouraged to explore, develop and share their own musical talents, while supporting others' unique musical abilities by exhibiting appropriate audience behavior.

We encourage creative music-making at home and in the community!  Please share what YOU are doing to have a musical moment every day!