About the St. Louis Regional PEGS
Program for Exceptional Gifted Students

Students qualifying for PEGS are a small percentage of the gifted population. This regional public school program was established to assist local school districts in providing for the unique needs of these exceptionally gifted students.

The PEGS North curriculum assures mastery of the knowledge and skills of the Pattonville School District curriculum. The PEGS multi-age classroom provides instruction at an accelerated pace, along with enriched curriculum, for exceptionally gifted students based on the following principles:
  • accelerated learning through curriculum compacting
  • advanced training in critical thinking, creative thinking and research skills required within core academic subjects
  • creative production of projects based on topics of special interest to students
  • attention to social and emotional growth.
  • mentorship to enrich and extend learning in their areas of expertise.
While core curriculum is provided in the multi-age classroom, PEGS students participate in fine arts and physical education classes with their age-level peers at Remington Traditional School.