St. Louis Regional
Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students (PEGS)

The program provides a full-time, multi-aged, enriched and extended academic program for those highly gifted students who need an alternative to the regular classroom. Through an individualized plan for instruction, this program addresses each student's unique needs for an accelerated, challenging, academic program and offers an organized system for attaining social and emotional growth skills.


The PEGS program nurtures the individualized academic and social-emotional development of exceptionally gifted learners to meet their potential for success in life and school.


The PEGS program will be a national leader in developing exceptionally gifted kids to become productive global citizens using innovative, authentic, and gifted education strategies in a nurturing and challenging environment.

Core Values

  • Exceptionally gifted students excel through accelerated and enriched learning opportunities.

  • Exceptionally gifted students develop grit as they persevere through challenging academic and social-emotional tasks.

  • Exceptionally gifted students benefit from individualized instruction informed by clear learning goals and ongoing feedback.

  • Exceptionally gifted students benefit from inclusion in an academic peer group of gifted students within a general education setting of their age-level peers.

Open House
PEGS North offers several monthly Open Houses for prospective families to attend to learn more about PEGS North. We provide school tours, explain how the program works, show resources and try to answer all of your questions.

PEGS Open House dates are set for 9:00-10:15 on the following dates.
September 30, 2019
October 29, 2019
November 25, 2019
December 16, 2019

PEGS is located at Rose Acres Elementary
2905 Rose Acres LN
Maryland Heights, MO 63043

The PEGS curriculum assures mastery of the basic knowledge and skills contained in the frameworks of the school districts housing the program. PEGS provides an accelerated and enriched curriculum for exceptionally gifted students based on the following principles:

Accelerated learning through curriculum compacting.
Advanced training in critical and creative thinking and research skills required in the various academic subjects
Creative production of projects based on topics of special interest to students.
Special assistance with social and emotional growth.
Mentors to enrich and extend learning in their areas of expertise.
Mainstreaming for fine arts and physical education with students their own age.

Application Process
Students must meet all three criteria to apply for admission to the program:

Reside in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County or Jefferson County
Entering grades 1-8 or the chronological age for those grades
Attain on a Wechsler Intelligence Scale IQ/Index full scale score of 138.  

Application packets may be obtained from the superintendent's office of your public school district after October 1, 2019. The deadline is February 1st of each year.

Selection Process
Intelligence test scores, classroom observations, performance and other indicators of exceptional giftedness are used to identify students who are eligible for the program. Students must take an individual intelligence test selected by the PEGS Advisory Committee, approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and administered through PEGS.

Parents are responsible for transporting their student to and from PEGS.

North-Northwest Campus
South Campus
Pattonville School District
Lindbergh School District
Dr. Montize Aaron
Director of Elementary Schools
(314) 213-8009
Tracy Bednarick, Coordinator of Gifted 
(314) 729-2470