About the ALPHA Program
Advanced Learning for Pattonville High Achievers

Students in the elementary gifted program (ALPHA) meet one full day per week with their grade-level peers from around the district at the Pattonville Gifted Center (located in Holman Middle School). Bus transportation is provided by the district from each elementary home school to the Gifted Center. 

In order to accommodate different start/end times for elementary schools and Remington Traditional, the ALPHA program runs from 8:40 a.m. - 2:20 p.m. Each grade level is assigned a different day of the week:

 Monday - 5th Grade  Tuesday - 4th Grade  Wednesday - 3rd Grade  Thursday - 1st & 2nd Grades

Each semester, students participate in both required and choice courses with an emphasis on the following areas:
  •  critical and creative thinking
  •  logic and reasoning
  •  problem solving
  • research
  • global geographic & cultural education
  •  affective education and leadership
  •  oral and written communication
  •  group and independent study

Required Courses Sample Choice Courses

 5th Grade Genius Hour
Fantasy Baseball
Advanced Programs, Bridges, Government and Law,
Kitchen Chemistry, Photography Picture It!

 4th Grade Psychology & You
International Adventure
Creative Writing, Build a Business, Little Stories Big Ideas, Pollution Solutions, Who Dunit?

 3rd Grade Bubbleology
Exciting Explorations
Chemistry Concepts, Design Construction,
Greek & Roman Studies, Once Upon a Fairy Tale, Robolab

1st and  2nd Grades Comparative Cultures Anatomy, Unwrap Your Gift,
Math Around the Globe, Superhero Scientists, Readers' Theater