Gum Public Service Announcement

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Don’t you just hate finding that sticky, pink surprise underneath your shoe? Gum is found everyday on sidewalks and underneath furniture. Well, did you know instead of putting your gum underneath the furniture or in the trash, you should put it in the compost! All gum is biodegradable because of its natural gum base, tree sap. but since our society doesn’t know better, we assume that gum goes in the trash. The decomposition process will still be very long, but it will be a little bit faster in to compost because you can add moisture. Moisture triggers the decomposition. When the gum goes in the compost, the moisture triggers the decomposition process, making it faster to biodegrade than in the trash. So even though gum is thought to go in the trash, it is actually compostable

Our Rainbow Le Tech Robotics Team has figured away to make the decomposition of our all natural gum faster. Koji spores are Japanese mushroom spores, that are also also found in Miso soup. These Koji spores will add no taste to our chewing gum, and they are safe to chew. Interesting fact, the myth of gum getting stuck in your stomach for 7 years is not true! Since it's made of all natural ingredients it will not get stuck to your stomach lining, your stomach acid will make the gum biodegrade.   

This is us making our own gum that
biodegrades faster.