Interview with Food Scientist

We interviewed with UC Davis Food Science Ph.D. Student Irene Lin

RLT: Do you know what makes synthetic rubber?
IL:   Nope.

RLT: Where do you buy lecithin?
IL:   Look online. Amazon might sell it.

RLT: How is cane juice made?
IL:   If you boil sugar cane, sift out all the water, there's crystals.

RLT: What's chicle?
IL:   It’s from a tree. It’s like maple syrup. You can buy it online.

RLT: How do you add flavor to gum?
IL:   Use essential oils and have fun!

RLT: What is rice flour?
IL:   It’s made of sticky rice, long grain rice, or brown rice. Stay away from brown rice flour. Try sweet rice flour or Mochiko!  It's all natural. Mochiko is more like sticky/sweet rice flour.

RLT: What is vegetable glycerin?
IL:   Sugar maybe. It's very sticky. Usually, it's used in granola bars and is like tapioca syrup. Found online. It sticks everything together.

RLT: Can you throw gum in compost?
IL:   Yes, okay to do and you should.

RLT: Should we make a song about this?
IL:   Yes but it's weird.

RLT: What would happen if someone swallowed the bacteria?
IL:   It's okay.

RLT: What is in gum that's hard to digest?
IL:   Weird plastic that is harder to digest. Or molecules.

RLT: So it doesn't stay in stomach for seven years?
IL:   Nope. False.

RLT: What would happen if you soaked chewed gum in water?
IL:   It would slowly decompose. If unchecked will take a little longer. Bacteria will decompose.

RLT: Why does the flavor run out?
IL:   The molecules will go away

RLT: How come when you chew gum it gets harder?
IL:   You're massaging it in your mouth and it squeezes water out.