Building the Robot

Rainbow Le Tech wanted a robot that could work well and be successful for all the missions we were doing. To do this we first decided that we had to make three detachable parts to put on our robot's medium motor. These three detachable parts will help us for each different mission. To make the robot move more smoothly, we added a marble at the back of it. We hope our robot will help us win the competition.

These are our sketches of what we wanted our robot to be like.
Above is the sketch of our robot with it's forklift detachable part from a top view.
Above is the sketch of our robot with the marble from a back view.

These are our sketches of the pusher and forklift detachable arms above.

Above is our robot's forklift. It will help us during mission five and seven in our competition. In mission five the robot will move the lego mini figures workers to their compost or recycling stations . In mission seven the forklift will push the lego animals back in their habitats.

 Above is a picture of our robot with the pusher detachable arm. This will be used to push a lever and knock a building down on mission 10, but this arm is to week for the mission so we have discussed not to us it.
 This final detachable arm is also used for mission 10. After the pusher knocks down the building, this arm will collect all of the lego pieces from the broken building and bring them back to the safe zone. We made a new stronger version of this arm, it is stronger. This arm will also be used to do mission 8. Mission 8 is the compost mission, you push a yellow gear on the mashion and then it will process the compost.
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