Driscoll Student Book Award

The Driscoll Student Book Award (DSBA) is a student choice book award program run through the Library in collaboration with teachers. Students in grades 4-8 read and rate the nominated books over the year, then vote for their favorite in May. The book that receives the most votes will be the DSBA winner! 

2018 DSBA

  • To see a complete list of the 2018 nominees, click here.
  • To watch book trailers and reviews, click here.
  • To see a list of audiobooks, click here.  (Those listed as books are Playaways.  Those listed as "Digital" are streaming audio.)

2017 DSBA Winners

1st PLACE:

The War That Saved My Life

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

2nd PLACE:


by Kwame Alexander

 3rd PLACE:


Upside Down Magic

by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle,

& Emily Jenkins

DSBA Directions


  • Preview the books in the Library and on the Library website.

  • Work with your teacher to set a reading goal. 

  • Read, record, and evaluate the nominated books.  


  • This is the most important part! Read critically.  What genre is it?  Is it a good example of that genre?  What makes it good, or not good? It is better to read five books carefully and thoughtfully than to race through ten books.

  • When you finish a book, record it in your DSBA reading log and complete a mini-review.  Rating guides and post-its are available in classrooms.  

  • Post the review review sticker on the DSBA bulletin board outside the library. Get an “i read” sticker for each review you complete.


  • Did you reach your reading goal?  Then you get to vote in May for the one book you believe is the best nominee!


Where can I get the nominated books?

Books are available from the library at Driscoll.  Books are also available through the Brookline Public Library. It doesn't matter where the book comes from, just as long as you read and rate it.

How many books do I have to read to be able to vote?

Each student sets his or her own reading goal with the help of a teacher.

Does only reading print books on my own count as reading a nominee?

No, there are many ways to "read" a nominee! Reading it together at home with your family counts as reading. Listening to it as an audiobook counts as reading. Listening to it as a classroom read aloud counts as reading. The most important part is that you think critically about what you are reading and write a mini-book review.

What DSBA nominees are available as audiobooks?

Audiobooks of some titles are available through the Driscoll Library. See the PDF of the annotated DSBA list at the bottom of this page for a complete list. Or, check the green bookmark you received when your class came through for a preview.

How do I rate a book?

After you finish reading a book, rate it. Your teacher has supplies and directions in the classroom. Review stickers will then be posted on the bulletin boards outside the library. The book only counts toward your reading goal if you rate it.

How long may a DSBA nominee be checked out?

Two weeks.  Supplies are limited, so please read and return so someone else can have a turn!

Thank you!

Thank you to the Driscoll PTO for supporting this program!  This program would not be possible without the generous support of the PTO.  And with thanks to the Maine Student Book Award Program for sharing their list of wonderful books, from which our 2018 Driscoll reading list was developed.

Anne Reid,
Oct 29, 2017, 9:53 AM