Grade Eight

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Grade 8 Research Links
Social Studies

World Book Online
Civil War PhotographsPhotos from Matthew Brady and others
Civil War- Camp Life

Life in camp at Gettysburg

Library of Congress

American Memory Project

 Immigration - Library of Congress
List of Immigration Websites
ImmigrationLibrary of Congress links
Ethnic AmericaDigital history site w/links to other sites
Jacob Riis and Lewis HineSlide show of photos
Jacob RiisMasters of Photography Site
Lewis HineChild Labor photos
Map CollectionsLibrary of Congress map collection
Historical Map Websites

University of Texas Map Collection & Links

Map HistoryLinks to world maps
Progressive EraAmerica's Story
Progressive Era to New EraLibrary of Congress page
Learn About the Progressive EraDigital History links
Women's Rights MovementHistory and timeline of women's movement
Votes for WomenLibrary of Congress links
Suffrage PicturesPictures of picketing, etc. Lib. of Congress
Emma Goldman PapersAdvocate of women's rights, free speech...
The Great WarPBS site linked to video
WWIPBS videos
World War OneBBC Site
WWITeacher created site of links to WWI info
WWI DiaryDiary of WWI soldier
WWI Photo EssayPhotos of battle
Posters of WWIGeorgetown U. site with poster examples
Best of History Websites-WWILots of lesson plans and links
WWI Propaganda PostersPosters for Mr. Denman's Lesson
More WWI PostersPBS Gallery
Best of History - The Roaring 20's 
Great Depression - Analyzing a Photograph 
Great Depression - News Articles 
The Great DepressionModern American Poetry - history, poets, etc.
Best of History-Great DepressionLinks to lots of resources
Photographs of Dust Bowl, etcAbout 20th Century History Photo links
World War IIBBC Site
WWIITeacher created site of links to WWII info
Yahoo Links to WWIIOrganized links by categorgies
Grolier's Encyclopedia ArticleLinks to online encyclopedia
Japanese American InternmentInformation and videos
Japanese Americans and U.S. ConstitutionText and photos from the Smithsonian
Civil Rights TimelineInfoplease timeline
We Shall OvercomeHistoric Sites of Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights TimelineCNN timeline
Civil Rights Links on YahooligansLots of great links
Evaluating WebpagesU.C. Berkeley Site of Techniques
Five Critereon for Evaluation WebpagesCornell Site

 One Look Dictionary 
Favorite Poem Project 
Online Shakespeare Glossary 
Absolute Shakespeare Glossary 
Shakespeare Insult Kit 
Shakespearean Insulter 
Shakespearean Insults and Threats 

 USGS - Earthquakes
 Virtual Earthquake
 Earthquake Engineering and Design
 CNN - Earthquake Proof Buildings
 How Stuff Works - Earthquake Resistant
Science Fair Project Resource GuideInternet Public Library links to project ideas
Science Fair SitesKidsClick - Science and Math Experiments
Science Fair IdeasDiscovery School Science Fair Ideas
Science BuddiesTopic selection, research, mentoring
Science Fair ProjectsSite walks your through the process
National Science FoundationClassroom resources and research links