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Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to the English Learner Lounge. This place was designed as a place for ideas  and resources to be shared for English learning purposes. We hope that you will be able to pick and utilize a few of the resources that we have recommended to better help you in your quest to educate your children or for yourself. We welcome input and feedback to help us improve this web page and our resources.

EL Team


K-2                                                     3-5
Becky Yang                                                       Cassie Beh
 becky.yang@psak12.org                                 cassondra.beh@psak12.org                                                           
(763) 450-1388 ext3123                      

  6-8                                                                                                9-12
 Tim Singleton                                                                Ashley Cowell
 tim.singleton@psak12.org                                      ashley.cowell@psak12.org

Important PSA Events and Testing Dates

 Date Event
 Nov. 11th EL Parent Night 5:30-6:30
 Nov. 23-24th Parent Teacher Conferences
 Dec. 11th Hmong New Year at PSA 
 Dec. 21st-Jan. 1st Winter Break
 Jan. 16th 2nd Quarter Ends
 Feb. 1st EL state test (ACCESS) begins
 Mar. 7th MCA state test begins
 Mar. 24th 3rd Quarter ends
 Mar. 28-April 1st Spring break
 Jun. 8th Last day of school (k-11)


A. For Parents:
    1. English Kids
    2. Teacher First

B. For Students:

   1. Grammar Site 1      
    2. Grammar Site 2
    3.  Grammar Site 3
    4.  Grammar Site 4
    5. Grammar Site 5

   6. MCA Practice Site 

   7. Phonics:

   8. Transition/Signal/Connecting Words:

    9. Vocabulary

C.  For Teachers:

    1. MES English 
    2.  eslsite    

    3. LessonSense 

    4. TESOL resource exchange page

        http://www.tesol.org/s_teso /trc_genform.asp?CID=1253&DID=7561

    5. cooperative learning strategies : KAGAN 


    6. SIOP lesson plan templates  


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