PS 85 Scientists at Work

  Welcome to the wonderful world of science!                                               
This will be an 
exciting year of hypothesizing, observing, investigating, and exploring! 

Check out the winners of the 2015 PS85 Science Fair  

Marlon from class 4-111 made his own erupting volcano!

Google Docs Video

Check out the amazing Science Fair projects created by class 3-319!

Google Docs Video

Check out Iverson's "Science Club Bridge Building" interviews!

Science Club Bridge Building .wmv

MM Investigation

These photos show our 2nd and 3rd grade students using the scientific method to investigate and observe what happens when M&Ms are placed in water! Cool!   

Why Science Matters!.wmv

Congratulations to Imani Jones, Jasmin Aguilar, Yakuba Juwara, Jaymarie Sanchez and Bryan Dye for "WHY SCIENCE MATTERS!" Shout-outs to Ms. Andrews for the song and Ms. Rico for her concept and direction! Why does science matter?