Welcome to Ms. Dellaripa's Class 3-319!

Here's what we are learning in Reading and Writing:
In reading we are focusing on NON-FICTION reading, and learning about government.  
In writing we are practicing editing and revising, and writing opinion essays.

Stand Up - Hand Up - Pair Up

Differentiating With Guided Reading Groups.
Students are working on different activities and reading skills based on their independent reading level.  

Heres' what we are learning in Math:
We have begun a new math unit learning SHAPES, LINES, and ANGLES.

Differentiating With Technology in Math Centers.
Students are solving problems using i-pads and dry erase boards

  1. Every night is a new math sheet reinforcing what we learned that day in math.
  2. Spelling words: There is a new spelling list every week.  The students are to follow the activity for each day and copy the words in their spelling notebook.  Spelling quiz on Fridays!
  • Monday - Copy words 3 times
  • Tuesday - Pizza Spelling (Spell the word with the first letter at the bottom of the pizza.  Continue adding on letters until the word is complete)
  • Wednesday - Rainbow Spelling ( First write the word in pencil, then trace over it in 2 different colored pencils or crayons)
  • Thursday - Look- Say- Cover - Write - Check (Look at the word, say the word, cover the word, write the word, check to see if you got it correct)
  • Friday QUIZ! - Re-write misspelled words 5 times.
***Make sure to log your reading steps!!! 30 minutes = 2 steps***