The P.S. 85 Weekend Show May 23  

Weekend Show 5 23 15.wmv

Shout-outs to 4-106's Joshua & Darian for "Mr. C and 4-106: Revision!" Dreamyard poet Mr. C and 
4-106 revised poems based on personification! Why is it important to redo your work? 

Congratulations to Ms. Holbrook, Bernie, Marilenni, Eseosa, Diosmely, Matthew, Katelynn, Muhamadou, Marcos, Adrian & Franciel for writing, videoing & editing "Job Interviews!" It's never too early to practice interview skills. The more confident you are, the more you will achieve! 

Super shout-outs to 4-106's Joshua, Darian & Fernando for "Family Fun Fitness Night!" Families & kids tried Dance, Fencing, Rugby, Martial Arts & Coach Maurice's Challenge! They had fun becoming fit at PS 85! What do you do to stay fit? 

Kudos to 5-219's Kevin, Francine, Keandre, Pedro, Haron, Muhaidin & Miguel for writing, videoing & editing "Recess Dramas!" By role playing, kids discover new ways to solve conflicts. As one character says, "Things can change once kids get to know each other!" 

Awesome work from 4-106's Joshua, Fernando, Angel, Xavier, Darian, Natasha, Fatoumata, Johnathan, Marven, Brian, Christian, Destiny, Emerie, Jdannie, Madison, Yarielys & Nataly! These students wrote, videoed & edited "Recess Dramas!" They found solutions to problems! 
What can you do to make recess even more fun? 

PS 85 is happening!  

 Watch "The PS 85 Jump Rope Team!" below! Many thanks to Melissa for her video report! The Cheetah Girls are the B.E.S.T.!!! 

Read one hour each day this weekend and earn 12 steps! 
Read two hours each day this weekend and earn 24 steps! Think about it!!!

The P.S. 85 Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy - English

Cell Phone Policy Spanish


Public School 85 is committed to nurturing the intellectual, 

physical, social and emotional development of all children and adults in our school.

Technology and the Arts will support the differentiation of teaching 

and learning within small learning communities.

Our school family, together with our neighbors will cooperate 

in maintaining a safe, caring, respectful, and exciting school environment.

Today … Tomorrow and for the FUTURE...


Jump Rope Team.wmv

                               "The PS 85 Jump Rope Team!" Go Cheetah Girls!    

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