The P.S. 85 Weekend Show April 18  

Weekend Show 4 18 15.wmv

Shout-outs to all the students who did their BEST on the reading test! If you arrived on time, had a good night's sleep, ate breakfast, reread the text and checked and rechecked your work, you are the BEST! As Babe Ruth said, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up!" 
Congratulations to 4-106's Ricardo, Jacob, Shirley, Nataly, Yandel, Harmony, Brian, Imani, Jhosue & Mussa for "Money!" How do you earn, spend and save money? What do you do with your money? The more you learn about money, the smarter you will be!  
With sunny days again, students are in the yard, burning off energy, playing with their friends and having fun! Watch some "Real Friend" videos to make recess even more fun! 

PS 85 is happening!   

 Look below to watch TEN TEST-TAKING TIPS! Prepare the B.E.S.T. to be the B.E.S.T.!!! 

Read one hour each day this weekend and earn 12 steps! 
Read two hours each day this weekend and earn 24 steps! Think about it!!!

The P.S. 85 Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy - English

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Public School 85 is committed to nurturing the intellectual, 

physical, social and emotional development of all children and adults in our school.

Technology and the Arts will support the differentiation of teaching 

and learning within small learning communities.

Our school family, together with our neighbors will cooperate 

in maintaining a safe, caring, respectful, and exciting school environment.

Today … Tomorrow and for the FUTURE...


Ten Test-Taking Tips.wmv

                              Follow these TEN TEST-TAKING TIPS to do your B.E.S.T.!    

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