Welcome to Physical Education With Mrs. Egan!
"Where Fun and Fitness Come to Life"
    Welcome Parents, Guardians and students to my web page! My name is Mrs. Egan and I am one of the P.E. teachers at P.S. 69. I am so excited to start another successful year at P. S.69! My goal for the current school year is to create and instill a healthy lifestyle through exercise and good nutrition.  These life skills will help your children feel good about themselves, while learning how to play sports, use teamwork and develop socialization skills.   

    "Do Not Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do"
-John Wooden 

Amazing Athletes have many jobs to stay fit and healthy.
What Does It Take to Be An Athlete at P.S. 69?
Always remember to:
*Come prepared with sneakers 
*Set GOALS so I can grow as an athlete
*Work together as a team
*Play Fair
*Follow the Rules and Routines
*Stay Focused
* Choose healthy well balanced foods and snacks
*Practice your exercises at home
*Play outside for 30 minutes everyday 
*Eat breakfast everyday 
*Be kind
*Live a healthy lifestyle
*Aim for great grades at school
*Take good care of the equipment
*Use equipment properly
*Treat injuries ASAP
*Always try your best 
*My conversations are aligned with what we are learning
*Have FUN!!


Welcome to Mrs. Egan's classroom website for P.E. class.  My intention for this page is to bring a "virtual classroom" to my parents, students and educators.  On my page you will find helpful information to enhance your child's learning experience when they visit my class.  I have taken some time to post several links to share resources for students and parents.  Thank you for taking time to visit my classroom site.  I hope that you find this webpage to be helpful and informative

My Mission

At P.S. 69, our staff believes that each and every student can achieve excellence regardless of size, maturity, coordination, body type or other physical capability.  My main concern is to help our students develop a positive attitude towards physical education that will last a lifetime.  P.S. 69’s Physical Education program strives to maintain an activity based program, while teaching lifelong fitness skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.  

My Vision 

My vision for Physical Education at P.S. 69 is to offer individualized instruction to all of our students.  My vision is to see all the kids succeed while they visit the gym.  i hope all of the  children come prepared with sneakers and ready to participate in class.  my overall goal is to make fitness fun for the whole class as well as their families.  I believe that all students have different bodies and by the time they graduate our school they should have a core understanding of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.