Greetings, young ladies and gentleman. My name is Theodore Roosevelt and this is my home page.

I was born on October 27th, 1858. I lived at 28 East 20th Street in New York City. During my childhood, I was sick a lot. I had a bad case of asthma. When I was sick, I read adventure stories about natural history. I took a special delight in the outdoors and was interested in collecting biological specimens. One day, when I was walking on Broadway, I found a carcass of a seal. Every day, I would visit the seal and take measurements to learn more about it. I was thinking that I could create a mini Museum of Natural History in my bedroom. My nickname was "Teedie" and I hated the nickname "Teddy". When I was 13 years old, I got glasses and finally got to see the world clearly. 

Later in life, I entered Harvard College in 1876. I developed my lifelong political and historical interests. Four months after my 1880 graduation, I married Alice Hathaway Lee.  In 1882, I began the first of three political  terms in the New York State Assembly. I retired in 1884 because I got discouraged after the tragic deaths of my mother and wife. Alice died after giving birth to my daughter. I moved to a ranch in the west to raise cattle and study military history. I was not a very good rancher so i moved back to New York City to return to political life. Then I married another woman by the name of Edith Carow. We had four sons and one daughter.

I served two years as president of the police board of New York City. Then, I resigned and became President William McKinley's Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Congress helped me to promote war against Spain. In 1898, I was elected Governor of the State of New York. I became Vice President of the United States of America with McKinley. In 1901, I became the 26th President of the United States of America, not because people elected me, but that I was appointed after William McKinley died. I felt scared that the citizens would not like me as President because they did not elect me. During my presidency, I sent warships to Panama to defend it from Colombia. I also sent construction workers to make a canal so that ships could travel more easily between the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans. Later, I picked William Howard Taft to be my successor. He became president in 1909, the same year I retired as president.

Throughout my adult life, I presented many speeches about "Americanism". I believed that immigrants should assimilate to American culture. I wanted to prevent immigrants from changing America and it's citizens. I stated that once you immigrate to America, you do not become a Mexican-American, Irish-American, or Italian-American, etc. All immigrants should become just Americans.

I got my nickname, Teddy, by going on an expedition in Mississippi and refusing to kill a bear cub. Soon enough, factories started to make bear dolls and naming them "Teddy Bears". I died at my home in Oyster Bay, Long Island on January 6th, 1919.

                                                                                             The before and after pictures of the Panama Canal                                                                                               Alice Hathaway Lee (Teddy's first wife)                Teddy Roosevelt                  Edith Roosevelt (Teddy's second wife)

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