What's New in Kindergarten?

Here is a  Valentine writing homework assignment. It will be due on Feb. 14. I'm also attaching it in pdf format.
Ms. Cohen


WRITING PROJECT DUE ON  (or before) FEB. 14, 2018





Write a simple, but personal message to each classmate.

It can say, “You are a great artist.” or “I like playing spy with you at recess.”


Make sure that you write the name of the person you are giving it to, and your own name on each Valentine.


You can use store bought cards or make your own, but make sure that you write a special message to each child.


We’ll exchange them on Wednesday, Feb. 14.


NO CANDY PLEASE. The messages will be sweet enough!


(Some store-bought Valentines come with candy. If you choose this type ofValentine please remove all food items before bringing them to the classroom. We have children with allergies as well as a “no sweets” policy at school, so please be vigilant about following this direction. Thanks for understanding!)


The Anderson School has designated October 2 as Bully Prevention Day. Remember to wear BLUE on that day to show support. Here is a free video from Brainpop, Jr., to learn more about how to prevent bullying, and how to support your friends if they need help.

Brainpop, Jr. Bully Prevention Video

Our classes in their blue shirts


 Writing is an integral part of the Kindergarten curriculum. The students will be experiencing a variety of genres during Writing Workshop. Whether they are writing narratives, informational texts or opinions, they will often draw from their own lives. In order to create the spark for their writing ideas, we would like each student, with parent help, to decorate the covers of their writing folder with things that will give them writing ideas. This folder will be kept at school in a special place and used daily during writing times. 

How to decorate:

 Please use two pieces of 8 1/2” X11” paper (like the kind in your printer) and decorate them with photos that will remind them of important people and events from their lives.

 Here is a photo of Ms. Cohen’s pages:

In addition to photos, you might also wish to include:

 ·        lines from favorite songs, books or poems,

 ·        favorite words (this can be words with special meanings or words that just sound interesting!)

·          anything else that reminds your child of important people or events from their life.

We will slip the papers into the pockets in the front and back of the writing folders. Here is what Ms. Cohen’s writing folder looks like with the covers in:

 Each of my decorations has a story behind it, and memories flooded over me as I lovingly arranged (and rearranged) them onto the front and back of my folder, before putting them in place, and writing captions.  Please reminisce with your child as you help prepare his or her folder decorations.

Send them to school in the communication folder when they are finished. We will slip the completed pages into the clear pockets on the front and back of the folder.

Let us know if you need any help!


Ms. Cohen and Ms. Skolnik





        The connection between school and home is a big part of what makes  kindergarten a successful experience. Talking about your child’s time in school helps him/her remember events, solidify the learning experience, and practice conversational skills. It also keeps you abreast about our goings-on.  You might have asked your child, “What did you do in school?” and gotten the response, “I don’t remember.”

        Conversation Homework is a way of helping children remember, and share the knowledge with you.  It’s best to begin your conversation with a broad, open-ended question such as, “What did you do in school?” If that doesn’t yield results, you can narrow it by asking things like,“What books did you read?” “What math project are you working on?”

        The broader questions require more critical thinking skills, which is an important part of our curriculum. If your child is not there yet, he or she will hopefully get there over the next few months if you make talking about school a regular part of your day.


September 15, 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you for joining us for Meet the Teacher Night! 
It was a pleasure to meet you and talk about our curriculum 
and goals for kindergarten.

Please feel to contact us with questions or comments.

Ms. Cohen, lcohen5@schools.nyc.gov
Ms. Skolnik, sskolnik@schools.nyc.gov