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                    Special!  On April 22nd, 2017 Community School District 3 held its second annual Science Expo.

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Science is all around us.


Poem by Evelyn Smith, kindergarten teacher.

When you ask . . .
                 Why are babies born so small,
                 Where are their teeth, and hair and all?
                 What makes them want to suck their thumb?
                 Why can't they walk, and jump, and run?
                                                                                 That's science.

When you say . . .
                 How come John's the oldest brother,
                 And I have to be the other?
                 Will he always be the tallest?
                 Will I grow up as the smallest?
                                                                                 That's science.

When you wonder . . .
                 Why are robins' eggs so blue?
                 Do people lay eggs as they do?
                 If birds can fly and people can't?
                 Why can't a dog, or cat, or ant?
                                                                                 That's science.

When you want to know . . .
                 Can apples grow on maple trees?
                 Are you sure milk is good for me?
                 Are 2 and 2 always 4?
                 Does every room have a door?
                                                                                 That's science.

When you see . . .
                 That flowers don't grow when it snows,
                 That all kites need a wind that blows,
                 Some birds are red, some blue, some brown,
                 And a wheel, to roll, must be round.
                                                                                 That's science.

                 All the things you want to know
                 About yourself and how you grow,
                 About the world in which you live,
                 What you can think, and find, and give.
                                                                                 That's science.