The 2019 World Science Festival is here!  (May 22nd to June 2nd)
Click the red link below.

The District 3 Science Expo was awesome.  Click the red link to visit the photo gallery.

Grade 2 visited Astro West on 79th Street
 and Columbus Avenue.

Felix showing a specimen.

No, Mr. Moy did not multiply himself.  
He was inside the Infinity Room at the Museum Of Illusions.

It's a mineral, fossil, and meteorite store.

Filip just broke open a geode.

The Museum of Illusions is located on the corner of 8th Avenue and 14th Street.  

It opened just a few months ago but already
 it's wildly popular.

At the Museum of Illusions you'll learn how vision, perception, and your brain can play tricks on you.  

The museum staff will assure that you are 
not crazy, but you will have a crazy fun time.

Click the red link below to visit
 the museum site.

Visit Astro West.  It really rocks!  
(Pun intended.)

The geode cracker is a favorite with kids.

The Museum of Illusions is housed 
in a former bank.