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Here is the link to get to the login for your engrade account.
This account has the class assignments, your student profile, and all related grades and information.


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Please continue to use this site to access math resources. These tutorials, problem sets, and study aids can serve as practice, review, and reinforcement. You can find them under the "Math Resources" tab on the left hand side.

Problem Problems 6-6

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Problem Problems 6-5

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Missing Assignments Update

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The Missing Assignments Update is coming out today in place of the planner signatures.  Every Monday, children who are missing assignments will receive a slip, which has to be signed by their parents by the next day.  Students who are not missing any work will have my initials in their planners, and those do NOT need to be signed by parents.

Problem Problems 6-4

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Problem Problems 6-3

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Problem Problems 6-2

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Class work 3/28 - 3/29

Problem Problems 6-1

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This is the 3/24/11 classwork sheet, which includes test problems many students had trouble with.

Ms. Rubakha's Introductory Letter

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