Immigration Hub (Circa 1880s-1930s)

Welcome to the Fifth Grade Blog Hub! You will see a load of amazing creativity as you search through the student pages.

Students in Humanities created Google Sites, which are listed to the left, in the sidebar, based on a deceased or imaginary figure from the time period above. By studying immigration during this time period, as well as before and after the time period, students have a firm grasp on what it means to be an immigrant. Many of the characters researched are actual immigrants who went on in life to become famous or were members of the student's actual family. Other figures studied are fictional, created by the student based on a job one may have had at Ellis Island or politically during the time period. 

To guide your searching, you can understand some of what you may see by reading below:

1. Argument/Opinion Editorials: Students wrote two editorials based on their character's point of view. The topics of these pieces are based on the research that student's gathered about their character.

2. Journal Entries/Blogs: Students wrote a handful of diary-style entries in this section based on important times of their character's life. 

3. Biographies: Here you will find two sections. One biography will be a short summary of the character's life. The other biography will be a short biography of the student who created their Google Site.

4. IM Chats: You will read some conversations on these pages between a student's character whom they studied and researched, and a minimum of 3 other people. The people who the characters have Instant Messenger Conversations with will be from the time period of the new immigrants, but also from past, present, future, and beyond, from God, Zeus, and Obama, to JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr.

5.. Extra Goodies: You may find poetry pages, links, games,video, trivia, quizzes, facts, pictures, and much more by searching each site. Based on the imaginations of the fifth graders, there will be a lot to see! 


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Read about the project/assignment to understand what you may see on each student's website.

An immigrant family arriving in America

Ellis Island