School Wellness Homepage

The Anderson School Wellness page is where parents and students can come to see what is going on at the Anderson School with respect to wellness. Wellness is an important part of the Anderson School. Every child in the school receives Physical Education weekly; each student receives Health & Fitness Education in 7th Grade; middle school students have the opportunity to do cardiovascular exercise Tuesdays through Fridays in our Wellness Room; students in grades 3-5 have an opportunity to participate in intramural sports; and Anderson Middle School students are encouraged to try out for an opportunity to be part of one of our many sports teams throughout the school year!

In 2017 we had a student (Eva M) from Anderson create the below image, which was selected to be on the DOE float in the pride parade to promote health and wellness.

Anderson Family Yoga Night

This year we continued our new tradition with our second annual Family Yoga Night. This was a great night to allow families to enjoy relaxation and becoming more fit for a healthier lifestyle together. With the stresses of life and busy schedules it was great to see all the families who came out to enjoy this night together and learn some stress relieving techniques.

Anderson Family Fitness Night!

 Winning Team of Fitness Night!

Our 4th annual Fitness Night was another successful one! We had 6 teams mixed with parents and student of all ages competing in fun fitness games. The goal was to bring everyone together and have fun while working on living a healthier life style.