School Spirit Week
Monday Mismatch
Tuesday Team Sports
 Time Warp Wednesday 
Family Fun Activity- Family Crest
3/4 231A Volleyball Champions

After exploring chain reactions, 5-331 designed and created a working model of a Rube Goldberg machine
K-2 classified 3D shapes by attributes and created models using various materials throughout their study 
Grades K, 1, & 2 continue their study of 2D shapes and their attributes in preparation for “3D Shapes All Around &
Class 3/4-231 A learns about structures by engineering a straw tower
Studio in a school - Kindergarten
Family Engagement 1/29

Spanish Club                            Student Council Officers

Stem Club
STEM Club engineered homemade catapults and explored angles and trajectory, completing test launches of various projectiles.

STEM Club put their engineering skills to the test by creating a stand that could hold the weight of a basketball by using only newspapers and tape!
Science Fair
Student of the Month
December                                                            January

Holiday Shows
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade
CASA Session 1
Ugly Sweater Contest
Art Studio
Computer Science for All Week
Class 1-227 constructing structures out of gum drops
Grade 5 learning about algorithms by coding on graph paper during CS4ALL Week/Hour of Code

Grades 1-2 learning about algorithms and code during CS4ALL Week/Hour of Code
District 30 Essay contest winner: Qing Yang Chen

College & Career Day
PS 2 Color Guard
Councilman Costa Constantinidis
NYPD Community Affairs                                                    NYC Parks Department
Jazz Musician                                                    Department of Environmental Conservation
United Stated Postal Service
NYPD K-9 Unit
Student of the Month

Grade 1 created a modified version of a Rube Goldberg machine where they explored chain reactions.
Student Council Assembly
Halloween Parade
Halloween Dance
NY Cares
Grades 1 & 2 explore chain reactions with dominoes
Student Council
Family Fun Tech Savvy Event
Breast Cancer Awareness
PTA Pumpkin Patch

Kindergarten is exploring properties of shapes while building visual/spatial, fine motor, and motor planning skills. 
Students drew blueprints and created models with cubes.
K-207 works with different colored shapes to create their own block designs.

K/1-231B works with different colored shapes to create their own block designs.


I-217 & 1-219 take on Lego Challenges where their skills are put to work on addition and subtraction, and building with patterns and odd and even numbers.
Grade 2 drew a blueprint and created a prototype for a maze game. 


Class 3/4-231A drew blueprints of various structures and created models.

Grade 5 is studying structural engineering — they experimented with foundations and footings, columns, beams, and X-braces.

Student of the Month
September                                    October

PTA Movie Night
2018-2019 Sneak Peek