Mission & Vision

P.S.21's Mission & Vision


P.S. 21’s mission is to challenge students to achieve their personal best and empower them to become productive, independent members of society.
Our collaborative learning teams provide standards-based curriculum utilizing real life experiences embedded in data-driven instruction.
We, the staff of P.S. 21, commit to partnering with parents and community members to maximize each student’s potential.

To utilize the ICCARE model effectively, the Margaret P. Emery Elm Park School will:

Facilitate high levels of parent and community engagement, and ensure representation of all stakeholders in prioritizing school-wide goals
Utilize local community resources to create a true partnership school within the community
Build staff capacity, foster distributive leadership practices, and develop a cohesive, strong, and supportive school community
Cultivate a culture of trust, respect, inquiry, collaboration, quality, and valued instructional feedback aligned with fair and credible evaluations,
recognition of accomplishments by all, and social emotional intelligence by strategically aligning leadership behaviors with stated core values
and school goals
Use data from multiple sources to set rigorous learning goals and to maximize student achievement
Leverage deep knowledge of rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment to accelerate learning for all students
Manage resources and operations to improve student learning


P.S. 21 is committed to building a collegial community of high expectations, transparency, and mutual trust where the school and the community collaborate to design interdisciplinary project-based curricula and assessments that cultivate Innovation, Collaboration, Community, Accountability, Rigor, and Empowerment (ICCARE). Strategic and innovative use of technology to build 21st Century Skills including creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and informed civic responsibility will prepare students to be competitive and innovative leaders in a complex and diverse society. With an emphasis on community outreach, the arts, and social-emotional learning we envision a community of resilient self-directed learners who engage in meaningful interactions.