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Week of May 18th

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Thanks so much for all your "coins"!  K-206 alone collected over $200!  The PTA sent home small ziploc bags of candy as a reward.  Great Job 206!
This week in reading...    

*We are talking about the characters in the books we're reading.  We are noticing character's facial expressions, body language and gestures to understand and talk about our books.
This week in writing...

*We are learning about different types of poems and writing our own poems!  List poems, poems with sound words, poems that take shape, poems that rhyme and ones that don't rhyme...the list can go on.
*Next week, we will choose our favorite poems and compile a K-206 Poetry Anthology!  We can't wait to share it with you!
This week in math...

*This week, we are working on different combinations of a certain number using bunk beds and apple boxes.  (You may have seen some bunk bed work come home.)  We are using these tools to figure out how we can find out all the possible combinations of a certain number.

Week of April 27th

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Our field trip to the Bronx Botanical Gardens will be on May 28th (not May 21st as originally stated).  The new permission slip went home via backpack mail on Tuesday.  Please fill in the required information and return to school by Monday.  Thanks!

Just a reminder that students are expected to read15 minutes each night.  In addition to the books that are brought home in their "Book Baggies", students may reread and review the small paper books that are in their shared reading folder.  As they become proficient with these books, the children can transfer them to their "file folder" at home.  We are working on rereading for fluency and comprehension as well and reading books with expression.  
This week in reading...
* Students are learning to draw on all the strategies and skills they've learned this year so that they can fix any problem or challenge they encounter in texts.  We have a "Backpack of Strategies"!
*Students are learning to reread their books to develop fluency and "make their books smooth" as well as reading with expression.  This can be a fun way to reread books at home :)
This week in writing...
*  We are continuing to write persuasive letters to make our school and world a better place.  
*  This week, we are writing letters to many different people and different audiences depending on the topic they are writing about.
* Persuasive letters can include possible ideas for how to "fix" the problem they are writing about.
This week in math...
* We are developing various strategies to solve and record story problems.
* We are continuing to combine and take apart numbers.

Week of April 13th

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Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great spring break!

We want to welcome a new student and his family to our class, Harel!  

If you would like to order Scholastic books for April, please enter your order by the end of tomorrow.  Scholastic is a great resource for all kinds of great books to read at home!

Be sure to check our class photo tab for undated photos from our trip to the New York Aquarium, Character Day and our "All About" Writing Celebration!

This week in reading...
* We are beginning a new reading unit, "Readers Are Resourceful: Tackling Hard Words and Tricky Parts in Books".  
*Students will ask, "How can I think about the story and about how books sound to help me figure out tricky words?"  
*"How do I make sure I notice when something I read doesn't make sense or sound right and then fix up my reading?"
*"How can I reread my books many times to make my reading sound better and to help me understand more about the books?"
This week in writing...
*We are beginning our Persuasive writing unit.  
*Students will begin by writing signs, songs, petitions, and letters about problems they see in their classroom and their school, and then they address problems they identify in the larger world of their neighborhood.
*The first part of the unit is called "Exploring Opinion Writing".  From the very start of the unit, children will be asked to look at the world around them in new ways - seeing not just what is, but what could be.  Children will reflect on the troubles or issues they see and think, "What could make this better?" and to then do all kinds of writing to help make a change.
This week in math...
*We are also beginning a new math unit called, "How Many Do You Have?"
* This unit develops ideas about counting and quantity, comparison, linear measurement, the composition of numbers and the operations of addition and subtraction. *The mathematical focus of this unit is on decomposing the numbers to 10 in a variety of ways, using numbers and notation to describe arrangements.
*Students will continue to develop an understanding of the operations of addition and subtraction as they act out, model, solve story problems and play games that involve combining and separating small amounts.

Week of March 16th

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It was so nice to meet with each of you during parent teacher conferences and share with you all the wonderful work your children are doing!

I will be out of the school building at a Professional Development meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Adele will be in the classroom as well as Melisa, the assistant teacher from K-203.  The students already know her.  I will return to school on Thursday.

**K-206 will have their "All About" Writing Celebration on Wednesday, April 1st from 8:30-9:00am.  All families are invited to attend.  We will be spending this time teaching you about our areas of expertise.  (We will not have food at this celebration.)**

This week in reading...    

-While we are reading non-fiction books, we are thinking about what the author is trying to teach us.  
-We have been comparing and contrasting our informational books with our reading partners as well as teaching them what we learned from our books.  

**Please find a special place for the little paper books that go home so your child can revisit them throughout the year.**
This week in writing...

-We continue to write our "All About Books" including introductions, conclusions, fun facts, labels and diagrams.  We have so much to teach!
-We are learning how to reread our pages to make sure they're clear and easy to read as we prepare to share our work with you.
This week in math...

-We made designs and pictures with the pattern blocks!  
-We continue to talk about the attributes of both 2D and 3D shapes.
-This week, we will be making 3D shapes out of clay!

Week of March 9th

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We would like to welcome Eva and her family to K-206.  She is a new student in our class this week and the children are excited to have a new friend in K-206!

I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to Julie, Jake's mom for organizing and putting together our amazing auction project!  The kids absolutely loved writing about what they want to be when they grow up and we had a blast taking photos with props!  Thank you Julie!
This week in reading...
-We continue to read informational books and are very excited to share what we've learned through photos, illustrations and words with others. 
-Readers read ALL the parts of the page, including labels, photos and diagrams.  Non-fiction readers say more than what's on the page-they make connections.
-Non-fiction readers often come across words they can read, but don't know what they mean.  We are learning to use the photos and words around the unknown word to determine it's meaning.
This week in writing...
-We are learning how to "teach all we know" about a topic using strategies such as considering the readers' questions.

-We are beginning to explore using various text features such as fun facts, diagrams, labels and zoom-ins while learning how to include them in our writing.
This week in math...
-We continue to explore 2D shapes and their attributes.
-This week, we started to discuss 3D shapes while looking for them in our environment.  3D shapes we are learning about include cones, pyramids, cubes, cylinders, spheres and rectangular prisms.  
-If you have not already done so, please go on a 3D shape hunt in your home with your child and return the shape hunt paper on Monday.  Thanks!

Week of February 22nd

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Welcome Back!  I hope everyone enjoyed the break and stayed warm!  We're returning to school for the 101st Day of School!  Thanks so much for helping to make our 100th Day Celebration and Valentine's Day so memorable and exciting for the students.  It was a fun week with lots of special events.  Photos are now posted on our website under class photos. 
This week in reading...    
*We are beginning a new reading unit: Learning About Ourselves and Our World: Reading for Information.  We will be learning strategies to help us read non-fiction books.
*The essential question of this unit is: Can I find a way for books to become my teachers, so that I can learn ideas and information about the world?
This week in writing...
*We are beginning our "All About Books" unit.  We will be writing lots of information books about many different topics, such as dinosaurs, fish and aspiring engineers who can describe each Lego set.
*The essential question of this unit is: How can I teach others about things by writing information books?
This week in math...
*We're starting our Geometry math unit.  We will be observing and discussing the attributes of both 2D and 3D shapes.  
*We will specifically be looking at the following shapes...square, triangle, rhombus, hexagon and trapezoid, comparing and contrasting their attributes and noticing these shapes in our environment.

Week of February 9th

posted Feb 8, 2015, 3:50 PM by Class pre-k 207

K-206 will have their Music Concert this Wednesday from 9:15 to 9:45 in the auditorium.  All families are invited to attend.
Some important reminders...

**We will be going to the P.S. 183 Book Fair on Monday at 10:05am.  If you would like your child to purchase a book, please send money in an envelope with your child's name on it to school tomorrow.  Thank you.

**We will be taking photos for the auction project in class on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Please send a "prop" into school with your child on Monday that relates to the job they wrote about.  Please have ALL props in by Tuesday at the latest.  We will be taking a class photo with every child in the class and their prop.**

**If you have not already done so, please send in "100" of something to be glued to a "hundreds chart" on Friday for the 100th Day of School Celebration.

**We will be celebrating Valentine's Day this Friday, February 13th.  If your child is writing valentine's day cards for his/her classmates, please bring the cards in on Friday (or before).  Please remember that a card must be written for every student in the class.  We will be mailing them in special valentine's bags on Friday.

Week of February 2nd

posted Feb 3, 2015, 12:29 PM by Class pre-k 207

This Thursday is P.S. 183's Pajama Day!  Everyone at 183 is welcome to wear their cozy pajamas and cuddle up with a book.

Just a reminder that K-206 will be going to see a performance of Click, Clack Moo on Wednesday.  We will be eating lunch when we return to school, so there is no need to pack a special lunch.  

You are invited to our Music Concert on February 11th from 9:15-9:45 in the 4th floor auditorium.  The class with be performing the songs they have learned with Sam, our music teacher.
This week in reading...    
-emphasize that strong readers try out more than one reading strategy.
-continue to practice different ways to retell a book to a partner. 
-attend to the details in the pictures when retelling.
This week in writing...
- we are adding warnings, suggestions and advice to our How-To Books.
-we are making a list of things you need.
-important parts in bold or ALL CAPS.
-talks to reader (using the word you).
This week in math...
- we are developing and analyzing visual images for quantities up to 10.
- decomposing numbers in different ways.
-modeling the action of combining and separating situations (story problems).

Week of January 26th

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Report Cards will be sent home tomorrow in backpack mail.  Please review your child's report card, sign it and return the report to school by Friday, February 6th.  Thank you.

If you would like your child to participate in the P.S. 183 Science Fair, please return the registration form to me by tomorrow to ensure that your child will receive a Science Fair T-Shirt.  

Information regarding Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School Celebration will be sent home tomorrow.  Be sure to check backpack mail.
This week in reading...   

*We are learning different ways to to talk about books with our reading partners to strengthen comprehension.  Strategies include...(reading chart to be posted to classroom charts soon.)
    -Take Turns
    -Echo each other  
    -Get on Stage
    -Teach it!
    -Same or Different?    
    -Choral Read
    -New Words
    -Talk about the book!   

This week in writing...

*We continue to work on writing our "How-To Books" and look forward to sharing them with you soon.  This week we are learning how to...
    -elaborate our writing by adding tips, suggestions and                 warnings for our readers
    -using comparisons to give readers clear directions
This week in math...

*We are learning strategies to take apart and combine numbers (adding and subtracting) through games like one more, one fewer and learning to record story problems.

*Next week, we'll be making arrangement of 6 color tiles and learning to subitize numbers.

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