Students Of The Month We would like to congratulate Elian and Leesa as our students of the month for February.  Elian is a responsible scholar who does the right thing. Leesa is a kind child who tries very hard. Both students are always willing to lend a helping hand to their classmates. Our class is so very proud of them.  Keep up the great work!

General Reminders
    There are some students in our classroom who have a food allergy to all kinds of nuts (tree nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc.) as well as peanuts. It is important that there is a strict avoidance to these foods in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction.  We are asking your help to provide the students with a safe school environment.  Any exposure to all kinds of nuts, as well as peanuts, may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment.  To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you please do not send any nut-containing products nor peanut products to school  with your child that will be eaten. This strict policy will also remain in effect for birthday parties (cupcakes, juice boxes) as well as for any other classroom celebrations/parties. Homemade food/drink products are not preferred due to the allergies that some students have.  Please make sure when bringing in any store-bought items for parties that the label says it is nut free or tree nut free.  All food/drink packages will be checked to make sure that it says it was not made in a tree nut or peanut plant. This must be listed on all food/drink products that is sent to our classroom. If your child has eaten any kind of nuts, peanuts, or nut-containing products before coming to school, please be sure that your child's hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school. We thank you and appreciate your support of these procedures. 
    On Tuesdays, we have gym and on Fridays, we have dance class.  Please make sure that your child wears sneakers and dresses appropriately on those days.   On Mondays, we will visit the computer lab. We also have computers in our classrooms which we will use each day.  
    As you already know, it is important for your child to read each day.  Please make sure that your child reads each night.  You can also ask him/her comprehension questions about the story.  You do not want to only wait until the end of the book to discuss the story or ask questions.  You may stop and ask questions during the beginning, middle, and end of the story as well.  You may ask questions about the characters, setting, problem, and solution (story elements).  Discuss whether the book is fiction or nonfiction (genre).  You may also talk about why you think that the author wrote this book.  Was it to entertain, to persuade, to inform, or to explain? (author's purpose)  Please make sure that you discuss the events in the story as well.
    Please make sure to help your child empty out his/her backpack on a regular basis.  All math, science, social studies, and reading sheets must have your child's name on them. Parent letters and notes will also be put into your child's folder as well.  Some notes will be glued into your child's notebook too.  Your child will need to have a sufficient supply of pencils, crayons, and glue sticks for class.  He/She will be asked to glue in the homework sheet each Friday.  Therefore, your child needs to have a steady supply of glue sticks  for the tasks. Please also help your child clean out his/her supply box or pencil case on a regular basis.  Please replace and replenish all school supplies (pencils,crayons, glue sticks, erasers,etc.) as needed.  
    Please be sure to check back on this site often for any information you may need regarding Class 1-418!  Thank you for your time, support, and cooperation.

    All homework is assigned daily.  It is expected to be completed and returned to school the next day.  Please sign your child's homework daily.  Please remember to complete the book-a-night task and make sure that you do your response journal every Wednesday and Friday.   Homework is checked periodically.  Please have your child complete his/her homework independently, with as little help as possible.  Homework is consistent from week to week.  Please look on the homework sheet which is glued into your child's homework notebook for the homework for the entire week. The homework sheet is given out on the Friday before the actual week of homework. Please do not go ahead and complete homework assignments before the due date. 
    Our "Go Math" series has 12 math books to complete for the school year.  There are 12 units in the math series. Every student has one book per math unit.  Therefore, your child will have 12 separate math books for the year.  The classwork and homework are all included in the same book. Therefore, please note that your child will need to return his/her "Go Math" book each and every day. Your child will need that "Go Math" book in order to classwork as well as homework.  Here is a daily schedule of our homework routine.

Monday-1. book-a-night (Complete
                   reading log)
               2. Write spelling words 3 times or
                   phonics page
               3. math page

Tuesday-1. book-a-night (Complete
                    reading log)
                2. Put each spelling word into a
                    sentence or phonics page
                3. math page

Wednesday-1. book-a-night response
                          journal (Complete
                          reading log and answer
                          a question).
                     2. Put spelling words in abc
                         order or phonics page
                     3. math page

Thursday- 1. book-a-night (Complete
                       reading log).
                  2. science sheet or task
                  3. possible math page

Friday-1. reading response journal
                (Complete reading log and
                answer question)
            2. . social studies sheet or task

Names Of Students/Scholars In Class 1-418
Here is a list of the students in our class.There are 28 scholars.  Currently, there are 16 boy students and 12 girl students.  This list
may be useful if you are planning to celebrate birthdays, create holiday cards, or make invitations/Valentines in the future.  I will update this list as needed.

Boys:   Ayden       Jayden   Wassem
             Joshua     Girish    Angel                     Dylan      Jesse       Ayaan
            Urayoan     Elian   Gurveer
             Leon     Aldo   Amir    Shaw 

Girls:   Arianna   Latchmi  Angelina  Leesa
            Isabella   Abigail  Teressa    Khloe
            Scarlett   Ileanna   Priyasha  Aleena    

Weekly Prep Schedule

Monday- Art (Period 2)   8:57-9:47 a.m.

Tuesday-Gym (Period 4) 10:42-11:32 a.m.

Wednesday-Music (Period 4)  10:42-11:32
Thursday-Gym (Period 1) and Computer (Period 5) 11:35-12:25 p.m.
Friday-Dance (Period 4)   10:42-11:32 a.m.

***Please remember that your child must wear sneakers on the days when he/she has gym and dance.  We have gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our class has dance on Fridays.  It is to ensure the safety of our students to have them wear sneakers during these times.***
  Character Counts
     The children in our class have been learning about various character traits. This month, we will focus on courage. We will learn about how important it is to be brave and make the right choices. We will become more responsible for our actions.  We will learn how important it is to say and do the right thing. We must be good to ourselves, others, and the earth. We will use kind words and make people feel good. Most importantly, we will show that we will do the right thing at the right time no matter who is watching!


Word Of The Week
    Each week, a new word will be chosen as the "Word Of The Week".  This word will be incorporated into daily conversations and classwork. Please review the word.  Think of its meaning and  use it in a sentence. Our new word of the week is neutral.

Weekly Spelling/Phonics Words
       We will  take our spelling/phonics tests in our spelling notebook. The spelling words will always be given out and glued into your child's homework notebook each Friday. Spelling tests will be administered on different days according to our reading literacy schedule. Your child will be given ample opportunity to study for the spelling test. You will also be notified in advance of when we will have our having our spelling test. Please make sure to sign each spelling test and have your child return the spelling book on the following Monday.  Your child will need the spelling notebook for the next test. Thank you for your time and support.

For The Week Of 2/25-3/1

     ***  Please note that we will have a spelling test on Friday, March 1, 2019.***

Spelling Words

above    that      are       help      put

seen   make      can       need    want



Reading Skills/Strategies
        The children of Class 1-418 have been working on the reading skills of using picture clues, "Does it make sense?", "Get your mouth ready",  " Does it sound right?", and "Does it look right?" in order to help us decode unknown words. We are learning about the setting and characters of a story as well as the problem and solution (story elements). We are still focusing on story elements. The children are retelling stories using story elements in order to help. In addition, we are also learning about the topic of "main idea and details." Our class has also been learning about the "genre"or type of text we are reading about.  We have discussed what fiction and nonfiction texts are all about.  When reading at home, please discuss the genre of each story or text that your read! We are also learning about author's purpose: Why did the author write this text?  Also, please think about why the author wrote this story?  Was it to entertain (fiction), to persuade (fiction/nonfiction), to inform (nonfiction), or to explain (nonfiction)? 

Writing Skills/Activities
        We are working on writing about various topics.  We are working on informative/explanatory writing.  We will learn how to include facts and details in our writing. The students are also learning about what a full sentence is and how we need to use proper spacing between words, correct capitalization, and proper punctuation. We will learn about adding more details in our writing in order to make it even more interesting! Our class is also learning to stick to the topic when creating sentences for our paragraph.  Our class is also focusing on using various spelling strategies, such as stretching out our words when we are unsure how to spell certain words.  We also learned how important it is to use our "mini office" while writing. We are also looking at our writing pieces and trying to edit our work.  We are looking for correct spacing, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Our class has a wonderful "author's chair"  in our classroom.  Each day, several different students have the opportunity to sit in the authors chair and share their work.  We love to celebrate each others writing accomplishments in the authors chair!

Math Skills/Strategies
    In mathematics, we are learning about the concept of counting and modeling numbers.  We will also explore which numbers are greater and less than other numerals. We will also use accountable talk to explain how we used various math strategies in order to solve the math problem. We really enjoy using Number Talks to help us discuss when we figure out an answer and use various math strategies. We will be learning how to create models of numbers and count on a number grid. We are learning various vocabulary words such as: ones, tens, number chart, count on, count back, etc. We are also using our problem-solving skills in math too. Each day, we will write about what we have learned and answer questions in our "Go Math" and ENGAGE NY exit ticket book.  These math journal questions serve as our "exit tickets" for our lessons.
   Lets celebrate and wish our friends a very Happy Birthday this month!  Please remember that  if you wish to celebrate your child's birthday,  please only  bring in store-bought cupcakes (white frosting, only, please)  and juice boxes. Homemade food/drink products are not preferred nor permitted due to the allergies that some students have.  As you already know, based on the important letter previously sent home and signed by you,our class is both a peanut free and tree nut free (cashews, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, etc.)  classroom. We have some students with both a nut and peanut allergy in our classTherefore, if bringing in cupcakes and juices, it must be labelled on the packages that these food/drink products were not made in a tree nut plant/factory nor a peanut plant/factory. All food and juice packages will be checked to make sure that the proper labeling of no tree nuts and no peanuts is listed. This must be listed on all food/drink packages that is sent to the classroom.The food/drinks also cannot contain any kinds of nuts or peanuts. No cakes nor party bags will be permitted, as per the school rules. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

March: There are no birthdays in March!


Our "Treasures" and "Progress Reading"Vocabulary and High Frequency Words

    The children in our class have been engaging in both  the Treasures and Progress reading programs.  One of the components of these programs helps us build our vocabulary skills.  Every week, we will  learn some new vocabulary words.  We will explore these words in depth.  First, the children will learn the word as well as the definition.  Then, we will use the word in a variety of contexts.  Visual clues, such as actual photos will be utilized in order to further our understanding of these words.  Please ask your child to tell you about these vocabulary words.  We are also learning various high frequency words each week as well. They will be able to tell you all about them!  The vocabulary words and high frequency words are from our Treasures and Progress literacy programs.

Progress Reading Program
Key Ideas and Details
Asking and Answering Questions


Vocabulary Words:

fancy     spray     shower     talent    special

who    what    when    where    why    how 

High Frequency Words: 

down    pull    need    want    some  these