Welcome to 2-309

Literacy- Unit 1 
Theme - Friends and Family
The Big Question - What makes a good friend?

Skills:    *Character and Setting
             *Identifying Main Idea and Details
             *Make and Confirm Predictions

Strategies:   *Analyzing Story Structure

Grammar:   Students will be learning to identify the following: 
    * The subject in a sentence
    * The predicate in a sentence
    * How to combine sentences 
    * Run-on's and fragments

Math - Unit 1 
Topic:  Number Sense and Place Value
The Big Question: How do you use place value to find the value of numbers and describe numbers in different ways. 

Great Websites for Kids: 
www.razkids.com - Improve reading and comprehension with this online reading program. Students can read animated interactive books based on their own personal reading level.  (Students have been provided with user names and passwords)
www.starfall.com - A wonderful free public website designed to teach children phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
www.abcya.com - Childrens computer games that include: alphabetical order, upper and lower case letter recognition, sight words, e-story books, counting and holiday games. 
www-k6.thinkcentral.com - Coming Soon!

Reading at Home
Students are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes and record the title of the book along with the number of minutes read every night. This should be recorded on their Weekly Reading Log which can be found in their notebook labeled Reading Log. One night each week the students are required to choose one of the response questions from the reading log, and respond to it on the back of the log. This part only gets done one time each week. If the child runs out of space on the log, he/she should continue on the next available page.

**Reading Tips**
1 - Look At the Picture
  - Look at the picture for clues before reading and when stuck on a tricky word. 

2 - Does It Make Sense?
  - Good readers make sure that what they read is logical and makes sense
  - Look at the picture to self monitor while reading
  - Ask yourself, does it make sense?  Does the picture match what you read?

3 - Does It Look Right?
  - Good readers check their reading by looking through the entire word from left to right and by asking themselves, "Does it look right?"

4 - Reread
  - When you come to a tricky word reread the sentence and think of a word that would make sense that starts with the same initial sound.  
  - Ask yourself, "Does it look right?" "Does it make sense?" If it doesn't go back and reread the sentence until you predict a word that makes sense.
5 - Does It Sound Right?
  - Good readers self monitor their reading by asking questions, "Does it sound right?"
  - Reread, use your picture clues, and predict what a tricky word might be and ask yourself, "Does it look right?", "Does it sound right?", "Does it make sense?"

6 - Look for Chunks
  - Look for words that look like other words you already know.
  - Look for little words or chunks inside of a big word to help you make better predictions.

**Important Dates**

September 12th - Parent Teacher Conferences
September 30th - October 1:  No School - Rosh Hashanah

October 9th: Yom Kippur
October 14th:     No School - Columbus Day

November 5th:    No School - Election Day
November 11th: No School - Veterans Day
November 28-29th - No School - Thanksgiving 

December 24 - Jan 1: Winter Recess


**Students of the Month**

Second Grade Dismissal
Second grade students dismiss in the large playground:
Monday-Friday: 2:10 Dismissal

For the safety of all students 
it is important that you are on time each day.

School Uniforms
Remember to wear your school uniforms every day.