Our Literacy Curriculum is composed of Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Science, And Social Studies.

During Shared Reading the students will participate in a combination of the following:
  • Novel Studies: This year in fifth grade the students in class 5-508 & 5-510 will be reading a variety of novels.  We will be reading the novels whole class and the students will be assigned literature circles to work on activities based around the specific lesson.  
  • Ready NY: The students will also be using the Ready NY curriculum to study and become knowledgable of the different the different fifth grade learning standards. 
  • Literacy Modules from Engage NY - Common Core Aligned
    • UDHR and Close Read Strategy
    •  Esperanza Rising
  • Science Curriculum - Science: A Closer Look
  • Social Studies Curriculum - NYC Curriculum
    • First Unit of Study - Geography and Early Societies of the Western Hemisphere 


  • Word Study is a big component of fifth grade.  Every week the students will be given a list of vocabulary words.  They will be expected to use these words in discussions, as well as, their writing pieces.  They will have nightly homework with each word and be given weekly quizzes.