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Pre-K 201 Mrs. Greenberg/Mrs. Bavaro

Welcome to our class web page. Here you will find useful information about Pre-K and read about all the exciting things happening in our classroom. Parents please use this site as an additional resource to keep connected with our classroom.

WHAT IS PRE-K for All?

Pre-K for All is a program in which children learn throughout various areas of study including Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, Creative Arts, etc. Children will explore, ask questions, participate and interact with these areas of study everyday both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to these areas there are also 4 major areas of development in which the pre-kindergarten child will learn, grow and succeed.

The four areas of development are:

1. Physical: Daily physical activity is important to children at the earliest stages of life. Providing opportunities to explore all kinds of movement supports learning and improves healthy physical development. These explorations involve large and small muscle activities that strengthen coordinated movement.

2. Social/Emotional: Social and emotional development is important to the success of your child during their pre-kindergarten year. It promotes a child’s sense of self, enhances his/her ability to make friends and creates openness to learning.

3. Cognitive: Cognitive development is essential to promoting growth and school success. For the pre-kindergarten child the important cognitive skills are language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking and social studies. When children use their skills to think, problem solve and communicate, they are making meaning out of the world.

4. Creative/Aesthetic: Children are involved in music, movement, dramatic play and art. These open-ended, multi-sensory activities encourage children to develop an appreciation for the arts and provide many opportunities for children to share their unique talents


Important Dates
September 21- First Day for Cohort A 8:30-12:00
September 22- First Day for Cohort B. 8:30- 12:00
September 23- First Day for Cohort C 8:30-12:00

Sometimes we sing this song in the morning to begin our day.

YouTube Video

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our other class photos. Just click on the
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We would love to celebrate your child's birthday in class. If you wish for the class to celebrate please leavea snack in the main office before 11:00 that day.  Cupcakes, munchkins, cookies, or something that can be easily distributed is appreciated. We are a nut free classroom so please do not send in any food that contain nut ingredients. Cakes that require cutting, candy and goodie bags are not permitted. Please remember we have 18 children in our class.                    
                                        Thank you!

Here is the video of one of our favorite books. 
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. Ask your child all about Pete. I'm sure they'll start singing his song...

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Button. One of our favorite math books.