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March 2019


Phonics/Spelling Skill: Students are learning to identify upper- and lowercase letters and the sounds they make.  Three sight words are being introduced each week. The sight words on the homework sheet should be cut out and placed in a baggie and reviewed daily. (Please keep sight word baggies at home.)

Writing:  Students illustrate a picture and take their knowledge of letters, sounds, and sight words to label, and write sentences.


In kindergarten, your child will focus primarily on two important areas.  The first is learning numbers and what numbers represent. The second is addition and subtraction.  Students will also learn to identify and work with shapes.  We are working on showing and comparing numbers to 15.


Tuesday--Computer, Gym*

*Students should wear sneakers to school on the days that they have dance and gym.


Homework is given daily.  The assigned homework each day reflects what your child has learned in school that day.  Homework should be completed neatly and returned to school the next day.

Monday--Book-a-night, math worksheet, literacy worksheet
Tuesday--Book-a-night, math worksheet, literacy worksheet
Wednesday--Book-a-night, math worksheet, literacy worksheet
Thursday--Book-a-night, math worksheet, writing, literacy worksheet
Friday--Book Report, math worksheet