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Welcome to our class page! Feel free to visit our class page often as I am frequently updating it with new themes that we are learning, sight words, math concepts, and more! 
Theme of the month: Food!

Literacy:Students will understand where food comes from, what is the farmer's job, what kinds of food grow from the ground, and what are the different food traditions that people have. Students will also work on making text-to -self connections, identifying sequence of events, and summarizing.   Students will also practice using these reading strategies: rereading, looking for chunks, and asking does it make sense.  We are continuing to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet and we have begun putting sounds together to make words!  We have learned many sight words already! Please make sure to practice them often so that we may grow as awesome readers and writers!
Writing:  We are narrative writers! We are writing stories that involve things that happened in our lives.  For example, we write on topics such as a special memory with a special person, family celebration, a time I went to a restaurant... As we write we make sure to use the classroom word wall to help us spell our sight words correctly, we use our spacemen to help us leave space between words, and we use our writing offices and classroom charts to help us spell hard words.  Every sentence we write, we make sure to start with an uppercase and end with a period. 
Sight Words:
    I           am         can         me       the        we      see   at
    he        it            is            my        she        to       up     an
    want      like        and        be        do        go        get      in
    no        so            run        you        went        on        favorite
    eat        with

 Students of the Month:  Dheevita and Lucas. Keep up the great work!

Important Dates: January 21st --Martin Luther King Jr. No School
  Math: We are learning Chapter 5, which is addition! Students are learning how to join groups together and decide how many in all.  We are also learning how to write addition number sentences using the symbols + and =.  We are problem solvers. Students are given different scenarios in which they are asked to work with a partner to think critically and solve the problem.

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