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November and December:
Welcome to our class page! Feel free to visit our class page often as I am frequently updating it with new themes that we are learning, sight words, math concepts, and more! 
Theme of the month: Transportation!

Literacy:Students will understand that there are many ways to travel from one place to another. Students will make connections to their own lives about different ways they travel.  We will also learn more about the various vehicles of transportation.  We are also learning how to make predictions when we read, to recognize patterns in a story, and understanding the different parts of the story.  Students discuss the characters and the events in the story.  We are continuing to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet and we have begun putting sounds together to make words! In our guided reading groups, we are practicing good reader strategies, like using picture clues and looking at the first sound in a word when trying to read that word.  We have learned many sight words already! Please make sure to practice them often so that we may grow as awesome readers and writers!
Writing:  In our writers' workshop, we learned about the right way to use our writing tools, and now we are well on our way to learning how to write.  As great writers, we are using charts around the room and our sound cards to help us label our pictures and write some words.  We are also learning to take our time when drawing pictures, making sure to draw neatly and with lots of details.  
Sight Words:
    I           am         can         me       the        we      see   at
    he        it            is            my        she        to       up     an
    want      like

 Students of the Month:   Jayden Persaud and Swagata Acharjee. Keep up the great work!

Important Dates: November 12th -Veteran's day No School
November 15th- Parent Teacher Conferences--Half Day of School.  November 22nd and 23rd--Thanksgiving No School.
December 24 to Jan.1--Winter Recess No School.
  Math: We have covered chapter 3, which deals with counting, ordering, representing and comparing numbers 6-9 and have begun chapter 4.  In this chapter we will learn how to represent and compare numbers to 10 using words such as greater than, less than, and equal to. Your child should be able to write these numbers correctly and count the amounts correctly.   

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