Class Schedule 2018-2019
          Pre Kindergarten
        (Wednesday&Friday)PreK 201 
      (Tuesday&Thursday)PreK 203 

Monday K-217
Monday K-316
Wednesday K-214
Thursday K-216

First Grade
Monday 1-418
Tuesday 1-318
Tuesday 1-314
Wednesday 1-417
Thursday 1-317
Friday 1-416
Friday 1-419

Second Grade
Tuesday 2-313
Thursday 2-206
Friday 2-209

Third Grade
Monday 3-303
Wednesday 3-306

Fourth Grade
Friday 4-406

Fifth Grade
Monday 5-507
Tuesday 5-509
Wednesday 5-513

March 2019

Kindergarten classes learn about artist Vincent Van Gogh and create their own interpretations of Starry Night using construction paper crayons. 

First grade classes will view and critique Vincent Van Gogh's painting The  Sunflowers.  Students will create drawings inspired by Van Gogh's painting.

Second and third grade classes will study the artwork of Piet Mondrian.  Mondrian created paintings using mainly primary colors.  Students will create a mixed-media painting based on Mondrian's work.

Fifth grade students will be working on a collage unit in March.  For this project, students will create a collage that shows contrast using black and white paper.

February 2019

Kindergarten classes will complete their shape collage of a "slice" of pizza to go on display at school! 

First grade classes will continue their animal study of giraffes, and begin to add color to their drawings using crayons and watercolor paints.

Second and third grade classes will continue their artist study on Wayne Thiebaud who is 98 years old!  Students will add color to their ice cream cone drawings inspired by the artist's work.

Fifth grade students are wrapping up their artist study on American artist Jim Dine. The artist is well known for creating artwork of colorful hearts using a variety of art materials.

January 2019

Kindergarten classes will work on a collage using geometric shapes.  The completed artwork will look like a "slice" of pizza, created with construction paper, scissors, and glue.

First grade classes will create drawings based on their studies of giraffes.  Students will begin their artwork in pencil showing in great detail a giraffe's face and neck.  These drawings will then be outlined, and color will be added with crayons and watercolor paints!

Second grade classes will create artwork inspired by American artist Wayne Thiebaud who is will known for creating paintings of desserts. 

 Third grade classes will create artwork inspired by American artist Wayne Thiebaud and design their own unique ice cream cones based on Thiebaud's painting titled "Four Ice Cream Cones".

Fifth grade classes are currently learning about artist Jim Dine who creates artwork using various art materials.  His work is on display in many museums and art galleries across the country.  Jim Dine is 83 years old, and still speaks about his artwork at various events.