Welcome to 
Mrs. Cervini's Class! 
I am excited for an exciting and productive school year!

Homework- Your child will be expected to have homework daily. Please ensure that your child's homework folder is being checked every night and is being returned to school the following day. If at any time a problem occurs and homework could not get done, please write me a note. 

Reading is crucial to your child and is an important part of their learning development. Please make sure you are reading to them each night. 
Have them search for their sight words while reading.

Book-A-Night: Your child should be reading one book each night (M-F). Please make sure all books are returned to school every Monday so that new books can be placed in the baggies for the week :) 
Thank You!

Your child should be able to identify all of 
the following sight words. 

Sight Words: I, am, see, can, me, the, we, to, it, my, like, an, want, do, no, went, and, so, run, on, get, play, eat, favorite, for, if, jump, gave, have, best, are, was, there, then, here

Literacy: We will be focusing on our "weather" unit. For phonics, the students will begin identifying and blending word families such as -ack, and -op,  They will be sounding out consonant-vowel-consonant words (for example: h-op).

Math Unit 8: The students will be working with numbers 20 all the way to one hundred! They will have to decompose and count forward from a given number. 
Please assist your child in using the proper math strategies :) 

Our Daily Schedule
Monday- STEM
Tuesday- Gym & Computers (wear sneakers)
Wednesday-  Music
Thursday-  Art
Friday- Gym (wear sneakers)

Every day we will have 
lunch from 11:35-12:25 
and snack is at 10:00am.

Please provide your child with a healthy peanut free snack.

Classroom Announcements
                                          School Closings:

April 19th - April 26

Spring Break


     Students of 
    the Month for               March:

Harjot & Lotus


Character Trait of the Month:


Class K-216 is learning how to have respect! They are thinking of ways of how they can be respectful both at school and home!

School Hours
8:00 a.m. -2:20p.m.

Please make sure your child arrives to school by 8 a.m. and you arrive to the dismissal site by 2:05 p.m.