Welcome to our class page!

Welcome To Our Class Page!

The Latest News in 1-112 

 In Literacy, students will learn that fiction books contain story elements. Students will focus on identifying characters, settings and events within a fiction text to help them retell the story in sequential order. Students will also write their own narratives based on the theme of friendship.
   In Math, we will be learning many different strategies to add and subtract within 10.  We will learn strategies such as drawing pictures, using counters and using counting cubes.  These are the strategies they will need to know to do well on their math exams.  Most importantly, your child MUST be able to verbally explain their answer, as well as through writing. Our goal is this year is for students to have a variety of strategies to use and apply in their math work.

    If your child is unable to complete an assignment please write a note and try to have them complete it the following night. If your child needs to miss school and is well enough, they can always complete the repetitive homework so as not to fall too far behind.  You can also find our homework for this week by clicking here.